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Link: • David de Gorter to Carl Linnaeus, 15 July 1757 n.s.
Dated 4 to Julii S. V. 1757. Sent from St Petersburg (Russia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


During the last ten years David de GorterGorter, David de (1707 or
1717-1783). Dutch. Botanist and
physician. Succeeded his father Johannes
de Gorter as physician-in-ordinary to
the Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Son of
Susanna de Gorter, brother of Herman
Boerhaave de Gorter. Correspondent of
has received no letters from Linnaeus. Gorter has written to Linnaeus but since there has been no reply he believes that his letters have been lost.

For three years now Gorter has been the physician-in-ordinary to the Russian Empress [Elizabeth Petrovna RomanovaPetrovna Romanova, Elizabeth
(1709-1762). Russian. Empress of
Russia. Reigned from 1741-1762.

The autumn before Gorter left Holland, he received a branch of Pinus vulgaris from Heribert van WesterveltWestervelt, Heribert van
(1711-1792). Dutch. Mayor, Harderwijk.
Curator at the University of Harderwijk
, the curator of the University; it is discussed.

The appendix of Gorterís Flora Gelro-ZutphanicaGorter, David de Flora
Gelro-Zutphanica, exhibens plantas per
ducatum Gelriae et comitatum Zutphaniae
(Harderwijk 1745).
was recently printed in Harderwijk [Gorter refers to Flora Gelro-Zutphanica : exhibens plantas per Ducatum Gelriae et Comitatum Zutphaniae crescentes. (... Florae Gelro-Zutphaniae appendix. - AddendaGorter, David de Flora
Gelro-Zutphanica : exhibens plantas per
Ducatum Gelriae et Comitatum Zutphaniae
crescentes. (... Florae Gelro-Zutphaniae
appendix. - Addenda. Emendanda)

(Harderwijk 1745-57).
]; it contains about hundred new species. Linnaeus will receive a copy.

Gorter has written Flora IngricaGorter, David de Flora
Ingrica ex schedis S. Krascheninnikow
confecta et propriis observationibus
(St. Petersburg 1761[-1764]).
out of the notes made by Johann AmmanAmman, Johann (1707-1741).
Swiss/Russian?. Curator of Hans Sloaneís
natural history collection. Professor of
botany at the Imperial Academy of
Sciences at St Petersburg. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
, Johann Georg GmelinGmelin, Johann Georg
(1709-1755). German. Voyager, botanist
and chemist. At the initiative of
empress Anna of Russia he spent ten
years (1733-1743) exploring Siberia. In
1749 he became professor of botany and
chemistry at Tübingen. Together
with his nephew Samuel Gottlieb he wrote
Flora Sibirica (1747-1769).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Stephan Petrovich KrascheninnikovKrascheninnikov, Stephan Petrovich
(1713-1755). Russian. Professor
of natural history, St Petersburg. Went
with Johann Georg Gmelin to Siberia and
came as the only member of the
expedition to Kamchatka. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
and others of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St Petersburg [Imperatorskaja akademija naukImperatorskaja akademija nauk,
Imperial Academy of Sciences

Russian. Imperial Academy of Sciences of
St Petersburg, founded in 1725. Its
publications are Commentarii
Academiae Scientiarum Imperialis
, 1-14 (1726 -
1744/1746 [i.e. pub. 1728 - 1751]) and
Novi Commentarii Academiae
Scientiarum Imperialis
, 1-20 (1747/1748 -
1775 [i.e. pub. 1750 - 1776]).
]. The plants are arranged according to Linnaeusís method. Johann Christian HebenstreitHebenstreit, Johann Christian
(1720-1795). German. Botanist, son of
Johann Ernst Hebenstreit, educated at
Leipzig. At St Petersburg from 1749-1751
and 1755-1761. Correspondent of
and his assistant, Joseph Gottlieb KölreuterKolreuter, Joseph Gottlieb
(1733-1806). German. Botanist,
published a pioneering work on plant
are preparing a catalogue of the remaining plants in the Academy Garden in St Petersburg. Among them are different kinds of beautiful Siberian plants.

Linnaeus had wished to receive some illustrations and descriptions of rare animals and other natural history things quoted from the catalogue of the imperial museum of St Petersburg. However, much was destroyed in a fire some years ago; the catalogue itself is now suppressed.

Gorter wants Linnaeus to send him his dissertations Somnus plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Somnus
, diss., resp. P. Bremer
(Uppsala [1755]).
, Centuria I plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Centuria I.
, diss., resp. A. Juslenius
(Uppsala 1756). Soulsby no. 1848.
and Centuria II plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Centuria II.
, diss., resp. E.
Törner (Uppsala 1756). Soulsby no.

Gorterís father [Johannes de GorterGorter, Johannes de
(1689-1762). Dutch. Physician.
Professor of medicine at Harderwijk in
1725. Succeeded Abraham Kaauw Boerhaave
as physician-in-ordinary to the Empress
Elizabeth of Russia at the court in St
Petersburg 1754 to 1758. Returned to
Holland in 1758. Husband of Susanna de
Gorter. Father of David de Gorter and
Herman Boerhaave de Gorter.
], who has been incapacitated by illness for six months, sends his regards.


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