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Link: • Henric Jacob Hildebrand to Carl Linnaeus, 22 August 1757 n.s.
Dated 22 Aug. 1757. Sent from Madrid (Spain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Henric Jacob HildebrandHildebrand, Henric Jacob
(1707-1775). Swedish. Diplomat. Swedish
envoy in Spain. Correspondent of
reminds Linnaeus that a few weeks earlier he had mentioned Pehr Löfling’sLöfling, Pehr (1729-1756).
Swedish. Botanist and explorer. Studied
under Linnaeus. Went to Spain in 1751
and took part in the Spanish expedition
to Venezuela in 1754, where he died.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
death, and now he is sending a translation of a more detailed account given by, José OrtegaOrtega, José (?-1761).
Spanish. Military pharmacist of the
Spanish army. Secretary of the Academy
of Medicine of Madrid. Correspondent of
. Ortega is also awaiting delivery of a number of collections and descriptions made by Löfling, which Ortega had promised to show Hildebrand. He had also promised to allow Daniel ScheidenburgScheidenburg, Daniel (1720-?).
Swedish. Clergyman. Studied under
Linnaeus. Chaplain at the Swedish
legation in Madrid. Copied Pehr
Löfling’s manuscripts.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
to copy them.

The botanic expedition would continue in America and, it was said that a botanist was to be sent there to succeed Löfling, and that the post would be improved. Ortega reported that Löfling and his comrades had worked so hard that it was remarkable that not all of them had met the same fate.


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