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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 22 November 1757 n.s.
Dated 22 Nov. 1757. Sent from () to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
received Linnaeusís letter [Linnaeus to Burman 8 November 1757Letter L2266] yesterday. He is very grateful to Linnaeus and to the other members for having been elected member of the Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala [Kungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i UppsalaKungliga Vetenskaps-Societeten i
Swedish. The Royal
Society of Sciences at Uppsala was
founded in 1728.

Burman sends the title and the illustration of Wachendorfia that others have advised him to print [Burmanís description was published 1757 in the WachendorfiaBurman, Johannes
Wachendorfia (Amsterdam 1757).
]. He has not seen the Acta societatis regiae scientiarum Upsaliensis Acta societatis regiae
scientiarum Upsaliensis
being published since 1753 and he has asked the booksellers [there was an intermission in the publishing of the Societyís Acta from 1751 to 1772]. If they will be published in the future he asks Linnaeus to have the description of Wachendorfia inserted, in full or abbreviated, as whole dissertations are being inserted in the Miscellanea curiosa medico-physica academiae naturae curiosorum Miscellanea curiosa
medico-physica academiae naturae
curiosorum sive Ephemeridum
medico-physicarum germanicarum
curiosarum annus primus
, the transactions of the Leopoldinisch-Carolinische Akademie der NaturforscherLeopoldinisch-Carolinische Akademie
der Naturforscher,
German. The
Leopoldine-Caroline Academy of
naturalists was founded in 1652 in
Schweinfurt, Germany. From 1670 it
published the Miscellanea curiosa
medico-physica Academiae naturae
curiosorum sive Ephemerides
, often just called
Ephemerides, the first medical
and natural history periodical.

Burman had hoped to have an answer concerning the gardener recommended by him. He regrets not having heard anything from Linnaeus and he cannot let his man wait any longer.

Gronovius senior Johan Frederik GronoviusGronovius, Johan Frederik
(1690-1762). Dutch. Naturalist, senator
of Leiden. Linnaeusís benefactor and
friend. Published Flora Virginica
(1743, 1762) together with John Clayton.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has been appointed to be consul in Leiden. The gardener of the Amsterdam Botanical Garden will marry the daughter of the gardener of Haarlem. She is very clever at making pictures of plants.

Burman wishes that Linnaeus, for one day at least, could be with him walking through his paradise of Cape of Good Hope plants. He is waiting for Linnaeusís opinion of the one Johann Christian CunoCuno, Johann Christian
(1708-1790). German. Poet, botanist and
merchant. He made a fortune in the West
Indies and settled in Holland where he
kept a botanical garden. The later years
of his life were spent in Weingarten,
near Durlach in Germany. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
made a drawing of.


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