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Link: • Peter Collinson to Carl Linnaeus, 30 April 1758 n.s.
Dated Aprill 30:1758. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


Peter CollinsonCollinson, Peter (1694-1768).
British. Merchant and amateur naturalist
in London, corresponded with many
scientists. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has tried to reduce the price for the handling and transport of the plant specimens [Collinson refers to the Jamaican Herbarium collected by Browne, and purchased by Linnaeus], and he managed to get it for eight guineas. Collinson has received an order from Linnaeus for 11 pounds, and the remainder will be paid to the person who Linnaeus assigns.

Collinson has sent the box with Gottfried Jacob JaenischJaenisch, Gottfried Jacob
(?-1784). German. Doctor of medicine,
Hamburg. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, who is going directly to Stockholm, and has promised to look after the box and deliver it to Linnaeus.

Jaenisch has been in England for some time to study physics. He has been on board the ship for some weeks, but due to contrary winds, it is still in the harbour and will sail as soon as the wind permits.

Last week, John EllisEllis, John (1711-1776).
British. Merchant and naturalist, expert
on zoophytes. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had sent Linnaeus a letter [Ellis to Linnaeus, 25 April 1758Letter L2333] commenting upon a dissertation in botany by Jane ColdenColden, Jane (1724-1759).
American. The first female botanist of
her country, daughter of Cadwallader
[this was still a botanical description, never published]. She is the only woman Collinson has heard of who is skilled in Linnaeusís system. Linnaeus will see her merits and recommend her as an example to ladies of other countries.

P.S. 1. Collinson reports that Rubus foliis ternas unifloro flowers. On April 30, Acer platanoides flowered, and the Norwegian maple is flowering commonly since April 5.

P.S. 2. George EdwardsEdwards, George (1693-1773).
British. Ornithologist and artist.
Visited the Netherlands, France and
Scandinavia. Best known for his
History of birds (1747-1751).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sends Linnaeus his greetings and thanks Linnaeus for a letter [presumably Linnaeus to Edwards, 20 March 1758Letter L2315].

P.S. 3. The financial transaction concerning the specimen is shown in a table.

P.S. 4. On May 2, Collinson had tea with Alexander Russell Russell, Alexander
(c.1715-1768). British. Physician and
naturalist. In 1740 he went to Aleppo in
Syria as physician to the English
factory. Famous for his The Natural
History of Aleppo
(1756; 2nd ed.
1794). After his return to England and
Scotland he worked as a physician.
Half-brother of Patrick Russell.
who thanks Linnaeus for the letter of March 20 [this letter has not come down to us]. He will answer it as soon as possible. Also Ellis sends his regards, and he is very busy collecting new material in natural history.


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