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Link: • David de Gorter to Carl Linnaeus, 23 June 1758 n.s.
Dated 12 mo Junii S. V. 1758. Sent from St Petersburg (Russia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


David de GorterGorter, David de (1707 or
1717-1783). Dutch. Botanist and
physician. Succeeded his father Johannes
de Gorter as physician-in-ordinary to
the Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Son of
Susanna de Gorter, brother of Herman
Boerhaave de Gorter. Correspondent of
has received Linnaeus’s letter dated 26 August 1757 [this letter has not come down to us]. Gorter would have answered earlier, if he had received the copies of the appendix of his Flora Gelro-ZutphanicaGorter, David de Flora
Gelro-Zutphanica, exhibens plantas per
ducatum Gelriae et comitatum Zutphaniae
(Harderwijk 1745).
[Gorter refers to Flora Gelro-Zutphanica : exhibens plantas per Ducatum Gelriae et Comitatum Zutphaniae crescentes. (... Florae Gelro-Zutphaniae appendix. -- AddendaGorter, David de Flora
Gelro-Zutphanica : exhibens plantas per
Ducatum Gelriae et Comitatum Zutphaniae
crescentes. (... Florae Gelro-Zutphaniae
appendix. - Addenda. Emendanda)

(Harderwijk 1745-57).
]. He now sends Linnaeus a copy.

Gorter’s successor in Harderwijk, Paulus s’Graauwen [Paulus s’Graeuwen’s Graeuwen, Paulus
(1715-1779). Dutch. Teacher within the
faculty of medicine, Harderwijk, from
1771 professor of medicine and
chemistry, Groningen.
], is planning a new edition of [illegible]. Gorter has sent an illustration of Pinus conis luxuriantibus and states that it is Pinus sylvestris, 1000, n. 1 in Species plantarumGorter, David de . Gorter will not publish his Flora IngricaGorter, David de Flora
Ingrica ex schedis S. Krascheninnikow
confecta et propriis observationibus
(St. Petersburg 1761[-1764]).
before he has seen the second edition of Linnaeus’s Flora Svecica [Gorter refers to Flora Svecica 2nd ed.Linnaeus, Carl Flora Svecica
: exhibens plantas per regnum Sveciae
crescentes, systematice cum differentiis
specierum, synonymis autorum, nominibus
incolarum, solo locorum, usu
oeconomorum, officinalibus
2nd ed. (Stockholm
1755). Soulsby no. 409.
, which was published in 1755].

Gorter asks for Linnaeus’s Flora Svecica, Amoenitates academicaeLinnaeus, Carl Amoenitates
, I-X (Stockholm
1749-1790). Soulsby no. 1280.
, III, and other new works that he has written.

Gorter thanks Linnaeus for Centuria I plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Centuria I.
, diss., resp. A. Juslenius
(Uppsala 1756). Soulsby no. 1848.
, Centuria II plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Centuria II.
, diss., resp. E.
Törner (Uppsala 1756). Soulsby no.
and Calendarium floraeLinnaeus, Carl Calendarium
florae eller Blomster-almanach […] under
Carl Linnaei inseende utgifwit på
latin [...] och sedermera
förswänskat af Alexander Mal.
(Stockholm, [1756] 1757).
Soulsby no. 1906.

Gorter’s father [Johannes de GorterGorter, Johannes de
(1689-1762). Dutch. Physician.
Professor of medicine at Harderwijk in
1725. Succeeded Abraham Kaauw Boerhaave
as physician-in-ordinary to the Empress
Elizabeth of Russia at the court in St
Petersburg 1754 to 1758. Returned to
Holland in 1758. Husband of Susanna de
Gorter. Father of David de Gorter and
Herman Boerhaave de Gorter.
], who has been incapacitated by illness for half a year, sends his regards.


a. original holograph (LS, V, 94-95). [1] [2] [3]