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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Carl Diedric Ehrenpreus, 19 September 1758 n.s.
Dated 1758 d. 19 septemb.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus at last has the pleasure of sending Carl Diedric EhrenpreusEhrenpreus, Carl Diedric
(1692-1760). Swedish. Count,
Councillor, Chancellor of Uppsala
University. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
his approval of the two dissertations that had been promised but delayed for different reasons. Linnaeus requests that they should be sent to Stockholm as soon as they had been examined as he has no space for such unnecessary stuff in his small collection.

Wilhelm Heinrich KramerKramer, Wilhelm Heinrich
(?-1765). German. German-born Austrian
botanist and physician. Military surgeon
at Bruck a. Leitha. Correspondent of
has published a small book called Flora austriae (Ehrenpreus refers to Elenchus vegetabilium et animalium per Austriam inferiorem observatorumKramer, Wilhelm Heinrich
Elenchus vegetabilium et animalium
per Austriam inferiorem observatorum

(Vienna and Prague 1756).
) in which he specifies his domestic animals; where he demonstrates that he has good knowledge of birds.

Mathurin Jacques BrissonBrisson, Mathurin Jacques
(1723-1806). French. Physicist and
geologist, professor in Paris.
has presented a short discussion on Animalia quadrupedia in quarto, written in Latin and French (Ehrenpreus refers to Regnum animaleBrisson, Mathurin Jacques
Regnum animale in classes IX
distributum, etc.
(Paris 1756).
); the book is reasonably good but he mistakenly believes in Albert SebaSeba, Albert (1665-1736).
Dutch. Pharmacist and collector of
natural history specimens, Amsterdam.
and other authors, with the result that in several places he has one and the same animal under different headings, something that he has failed to note.



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