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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Abraham Bäck, 24 October 1758 n.s.
Dated 24 octobr. 1758. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Latin.

Amico suo Dulcissimo,
D[omino] D[octori] ABR[AHAM] BAECK,
Archiatro Regio primario,
S[alutem] pl[urimam] d[icit]
C[arolus] Linnaeus.

Speraveram Te receptum in Deorum coetum innocentissimos occidendo Cervos intraque vivaria tyrannidem exercere.

Ut speciem obtineam hospitii nomina Capensibus non adjeci, proximo anno facturus, si D[eo] v[olente] valetudo.

Exspecto aliquas Merces pro Te cum navi, sed non dicam quid et unde, antequam adveniant.

Pro Parentatione tanto authore digno habe ingentes grates; perlegam hac nocte.

Consul Harmens har sändt ett par fastagier med Päron till Hennes M[ajeste]t, under min adresse, dem jag skall bedia mig lof få komma M[in] K[iäre] B[ror] till beswär at insinuera. Han har samblat en stor hop rariteter för Hennes M[ajeste]t och wäntar mycket nästa wår från indierne till samma ändamåhl.

Vale et fave Tuo!

Upsal[iae] d[ie] 24 octobr[is] 1758.

Wälborne H[err] Doctor BAECK


Linnaeus had expected Abraham BäckBäck, Abraham (1713-1795).
Swedish. Physician, president of the
Collegium Medicum, Stockholm. Close
friend of Linnaeus. Correspondent of
to take part in the Royal deer hunt and other slaughter in the enclosures.

Linnaeus has not determined the names of the plants from the region of Cape of Good Hope. He hopes to do so the next year, if his health permits him.

Linnaeus is waiting for some goods meant for Bäck to arrive by a ship,. He will not tell what they are and from where, before they come.

Linnaeus thanks Bäck for the text of the oration in the memory of Fredrik HasselquistHasselquist, Fredrik
(1722-1752). Swedish. Physician and
naturalist, explorer. Studied under
Linnaeus and Lars Roberg 1741-1749. Went
to Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Cyprus,
Rhodes and the island of Chios. Died
near Smyrna. Son of Magnus and Helena
Maria Hasselquist, brother of Andreas
Hasselquist. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
. It is worthy of its author. Linnaeus will read it in the evening.

Mikael HarmensenHarmensen, Mikael (1771-1793).
Swedish. Swedish general consul in
Bordeaux, 1751. Ennobled in Sweden 1773.
Married to Sofie Dorolee von Robais.
Son of Jean Christoffer Harmensen.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has sent a couple of barrels of pears to the Queen [Lovisa Ulrika Lovisa Ulrika, (1720-1782).
Swedish. Queen of Sweden 1751-1771.
Married to Adolf Fredrik. Mother of
Gustav III. Sister of Fredric II of
Prussia. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
], addressed to Linnaeus. Linnaeus asks Bäck to make this known to the Queen. Harmenssen has collected many rare items for the Queen and expects more of the same from India next spring.


a. original (KVA). [1] [2]


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