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Link: • Carl Christoffer Gjörwell to Carl Linnaeus, 16 October 1758 n.s.
Dated 16 oct. 1758. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Carl Christoffer GjörwellGjörwell, Carl Christoffer
(1731-1811). Swedish. Author,
publisher, royal librarian.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
thanks Linnaeus for the hospitality shown on a recent visit. Gjörwall wishes Linnaeus to write an obituary in Den swenska Mercurius on the late Nils ReuterholmReuterholm, Nils (1676-1756).
Swedish. Nobleman, diplomat and public
official, governor of Dalecarlia.
Reuterholm showed interest in science
and correponded with Leibniz and
others. He admired Linnaeus and paid for
his journey in Dalecarlia in 1734.
, a man of great merits within the field of natural history and economy. Reuterholm is mentioned in the Öländska och gothländska resaLinnaeus, Carl
Öländska och
Gothländska Resa på Riksens
högloflige ständers befallning
förrättad åhr 1741. Med
anmärkningar uti oeconomien,
natural-historien, antiquiteter &c
med åtskillige figurer

(Stockholm & Uppsala 1745). Soulsby
no. 202.
and in “Vita Petri Artedi”Linnaeus, Carl “Vita Petri
Artedi descripta a Carolo Linnaeo. Dabam
Lugduni Batavorum 1738 Mart. 10”, in
Artedi, Ichthyologia sive opera omnia
de piscibus, scilicet: Bibliotheca
ichtyologia. Philosophia ichtyologica.
Genera piscium. Synonymia specierum.
Descriptiones specierum. Omnia in hoc
genere perfectiora, quam antea ulla.
Posthuma vindicavit, recognovit,
coaptavit & edidit Carolus
(Leiden 1738), I-XI.
. Reuterholm was also responsible for helping Johan BrowalliusBrowallius, Johan (1707-1755).
Swedish. Professor of physics, later of
theology. Bishop of Åbo.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
on the way. Reuterholm also had a small botanic garden. Gjörwell continues by telling some anecdotes: Johann Georg von ZimmermannZimmermann, Johann Georg von
(1728-1795). Swiss. Physician.
, disciple of Albrecht von HallerHaller, Albrecht von
(1708-1777). Swiss. Naturalist and
poet, professor of medicine, botany,
anatomy and surgery at Göttingen
1736-1753. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, published already in 1756 the Betrachtungen über die EinsamkeitZimmermann, Johann Georg von
Betrachtungen über die
where he ridicules some famous men, among them Peter Artedi Artedi, Peter (1705-1735).
Swedish. Ichtyologist. Close friend of
. Jean-Henri-Samuel FormeyFormey, Jean-Henri-Samuel
(1711-1797). German. Journalist and
publisher. Calvinist pastor at
Brandenburg, professor of eloquence,
later of philosophy, at Berlin.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
however, has defended Linnaeus when reviewing Zimmermann’s book in Nouvelle bibliotheque Germanique. As Gjörwell presumes Linnaeus haven’t seen the book, he therefore quotes a passage from it.

P.S. Gjörwell greets not only Linnaeus but also Daniel SolanderSolander, Daniel (1733-1782).
Swedish. Naturalist, explorer. Student
in Uppsala under Linnaeus and Johan
Gottschalk Wallerius. Went to London in
1760. Curator of natural history
collections at the British Museum.
Botanist on Cook’s first voyage
1768-1771. Joseph Bank’s librarian.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, the friendship of both he so highly appreciates.


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