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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 17 April 1759 n.s.
Dated 17 Aprilis 1759. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
received Linnaeusís letter [this letter has not come down to us] two days after the death of his beloved wife, Adriana BurmanBurman, Adriana (-1759).
Dutch. Wife of Johannes Burman, mother
of Nicolaas Laurens Burman and Johanna
Elizabeth Burman.
. He is, however, grateful that God relieved her of the misery and the pains.

Not long ago Burman delivered a box to Pierre BalguerieBalguerie, Pierre (1679-1759).
French. Swedish agent in Amsterdam.
Father of Daniel Balguerie.
with the usual copies of the ninth fascicle [Burman refers to his editing of the Plantarum Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]Plumier, Charles Plantarum
Americanarum fasciculus primus[-decimus]
continens plantas, quas olim C.
Plumierius [...] detexit, eruitque,
atque in insulis Antillis ipse depinxit.
Has primum in lucem edidit, concinnis
descriptionibus & observationibus,
aeneisque tabulis illustravit J.
(Amsterdam 1755-1760).
], among them two better ones for Linnaeus and for the King [Adolf FredrikAdolf Fredrik, (1710-1771).
Swedish. King of Sweden. Reigned
1751-1771. Married to Lovisa Ulrika.
Father of Gustav III. Chancellor of
Uppsala university 1747-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
]. He added the desired Javanese and Cape seeds. They are without names.

Burmanís son [Nicolaas Laurens BurmanBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
(1734-1793). Dutch. Professor of
botany. Linnaeusís pupil in Uppsala in
1760. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] will soon go to Leiden to defend his doctoral thesis [Specimen botanicum de geraniisBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
Specimen botanicum de geraniis
(Leiden 1759).
]. He will send it to Linnaeus as soon as possible.

Burman has seen that Philip MillerMiller, Philip (1691-1771).
British. Gardener of the Chelsea Physic
Garden. Corresponded with many
botanists. His rich herbarium was sold
to Joseph Banks. Correspondent of
in his last fascicle [Burman refers to the The Gardeners dictionary, 7th editionMiller, Philip The Gardeners
dictionary; containing the methods of
cultivating and improving the kitchen,
fruit and flower garden, etc.
, 7th
edition (London 1756-1759).
, published in parts 1756-1759] presents Burmanís Ferraria and that he had drawn several of the other Cape bulbs that every year flower at Burmanís estate. He will send to Linnaeus those in duplicate and dried bulbs.


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