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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Pehr af Bjerkén, 27 September 1759 n.s.
Dated 1759 d. 27 Septem.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus writes to tell Pehr af BjerkénBjerkén, Pehr af
(1731-1774). Swedish. Pupil of
Linnaeus. City medical officer,
Stockholm. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
that he is very pleased to hear that af Bjerkén has returned safely and that he has been well received, which is also a great honour for the Faculty of Medicine at the Uppsala university.

Linnaeus writes that he is very much looking forward to meeting af Bjerkén and the fact the he has got something with him for Linnaeus, who has also learnt that af Bjerkén has made good use of Linnaeus’s name. Linnaeus also looks forward to receiving news of his friends.

Linnaeus writes that all the students are returning to Uppsala now and that gives opportunities to send seeds and packages with them. He is most eager to receive the orang-outang [Linnaeus presumably refers to a drawing of the orang-outang].

Linnaeus asks af Bjerkén to send the goldfishes to Uppsala by boat tomorrow. He will pay whatever it costs to receive the goldfishes alive. Linnaeus also asks af Bjerkén to inform him about Richard GuyGuy, Richard British. Surgeon,
famous for his remedy for curing cancer
using a black salve.
and how to address him. Linnaeus invites af Bjerkén to Uppsala for a cup of coffee, and also volunteers to meet him halfway.

Linnaeus asks about George Edward’sEdwards, George (1693-1773).
British. Ornithologist and artist.
Visited the Netherlands, France and
Scandinavia. Best known for his
History of birds (1747-1751).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
book about animals [Linnaeus refers to Gleanings of natural historyEdwards, George Gleanings of
natural history, exhibiting figures of
quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants
3 vol. ( London, 1758-1764).
] and, as he wishes to quote the book in the appendix to his system [Linnaeus means his Systema naturae, 10th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 10th edition (Stockholm
1758-1759). Soulsby no. 58.
], would like to know whether it is another book than that about birds [Linnaeus refers to A natural history of uncommon birdsEdwards, George A natural
history of uncommon birds, and of some
other rare and undescribed animals
[...]. To which is added a [... ]general
idea of drawing and painting in water
colours; with instructions for etching
on copper with Aqua Fortis: likewise
some thoughts on the passage of
etc., 4 pt., 4 vols. (London,
]. He would also like to see John Harris’Harris, John (1709-1789).
British. Author, Lord of the Treasury,
Secretary to the Queen.
book in full as he did not find anything new in the first sheet.

Linnaeus ends the letter by wishing af Bjerkén welcome home.

P.S. Linnaeus wishes the goldfishes to be sent as soon as possible before it gets cold.


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