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Link: • Hans Johan Noordgreen to Carl Linnaeus, 27 October 1759 n.s.
Dated 27:8br:1759. Sent from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Hans Johan NoordgreenNoordgreen, Hans Johan (b.
1724). Swedish. Lived on Java.
Book-keeper to the military there.
Reported to Linnaeus about insects,
described in the dissertation
Centuria insectorum (1763).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has chanced to have one more opportunity of writing to Linnaeus. A Swede, Johan AloratAlorat, Johan Swedish.
, born in Västerås, has been working as a doctor in the large hospital in Batavia, and he is now returning to Europe on board the ship Schaagen [and could communicate the letter to Linnaeus].

Noordgreen is sure that Alorat will be able to tell Linnaeus much of interest from the East Indies, although he has been there only for a rather short time and not had very much time to go around in the country and collect specimens. Noordgreen recommends him to Linnaeus all the same.

Noordgreen wants to know if the rumour is true that the Queen of Sweden [Lovisa UlrikaLovisa Ulrika, (1720-1782).
Swedish. Queen of Sweden 1751-1771.
Married to Adolf Fredrik. Mother of
Gustav III. Sister of Fredric II of
Prussia. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] is establishing a museum of natural history.


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