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Link: • Pehr af Bjerkén to Carl Linnaeus, 7 October 1759 n.s.
Dated 7 October 1759. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Pehr af BjerkénBjerkén, Pehr af
(1731-1774). Swedish. Pupil of
Linnaeus. City medical officer,
Stockholm. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
tells Linnaeus that he sent the goldfishes and the orang-outang with Johan PihlströmPihlström, Johan Swedish.
last week and that he hopes they have arrived safely. af Bjerken tells Linnaeus in detail how to take care of the goldfishes and stresses the importance of changing the water and keeping the tanks clean. af Bjerkén tells Linneaus that Richard GuyGuy, Richard British. Surgeon,
famous for his remedy for curing cancer
using a black salve.
. is a surgeon and a wealthy man and gives Linnaeus his address. af Bjerkén also tells Linnaeus that he has bought a secret drug against tumours for £3000 from Guy. At his estate in the country Guy has a big pond with 50 – 60 goldfishes and because of Linnaeus’s good reputation he has given Linnaeus the biggest ones. af Bjerkén believes he might be able to get even more of them for Linnaeus. af Bjerkén tells Linnaeus that he corresponds with Guy and gives him Guy’s address in London. af Bjerkén also tells Linnaeus that the other material will be sent with Pehr Niklas ChristierninChristiernin, Pehr Niklas
(1725-1799). Swedish. Professor,
philosopher and economist, Uppsala.
or somebody else. George Edward’sEdwards, George (1693-1773).
British. Ornithologist and artist.
Visited the Netherlands, France and
Scandinavia. Best known for his
History of birds (1747-1751).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and John Harris’Harris, John (1709-1789).
British. Author, Lord of the Treasury,
Secretary to the Queen.
works are with Charles De GeerDe Geer, Charles (1720-1778).
Swedish. Entomologist and natural
history collector, Leufsta Bruk. Member
of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
in Stockholm and Académie des
sciences, Paris. Corresponded with
Réaumur, Bonnet and other
naturalists. Husband of Catharina
Charlotta Ribbing and father of Emanuel
De Geer. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
but will be returned tonight. af Bjerkén tells Linnaeus that he cannot possibly visit Uppsala now due to his cancer patients.

Pehr Löfling’sLöfling, Pehr (1729-1756).
Swedish. Botanist and explorer. Studied
under Linnaeus. Went to Spain in 1751
and took part in the Spanish expedition
to Venezuela in 1754, where he died.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
mother [Barbro LöflingLöfling, Barbro Swedish.
Mother of Pehr Löfling, Valbo. Wife
of Erik Löfling. Born Strandman.
] has been af Bjerkéns first patient and she has been cured and af Bjerkén hopes that she will not fall ill again. He will also treat the wife [Agneta Maria HiertaHierta, Agneta Maria
(1694-1773). Swedish. Wife of Pehr
Philip Hierta. Born Cederbjelke.
]of Pehr Philip HiertaHierta, Pehr Philip
(1698-1784). Swedish. Marshal of the
court. Husband of Agneta Maria Hierta.
who is suffering from breast cancer.

af Bjerkén ends the letter and sends his best regards to Linnaeus’s wife [Sara Elisabet MoraeaMoraea, Sara Elisabet
(1716-1806). Swedish. Linnaeus’s wife.
Daughter of Johan Moraeus and Elisabet
Hansdotter Moraea. Mother of Carl
Linnaeus the Younger and of Elisabeth
Christina, Louisa, Sara Christina and
Sophia Linnaea.


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