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Link: • Clas Alströmer to Carl Linnaeus, 7 May 1760 n.s.
Dated 7 Maji 1760. Sent from Cadiz (Spain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Since writing to Linnaeus on 29 April 1760 Clas AlströmerAlströmer, Clas
(1736-1794). Swedish. Baron,
industrialist. Sent plants and specimens
to Linnaeus from his travels abroad.
Bought Linnaeus’s “little herbarium”,
now in the Natural History Museum in
Stockholm. Son of Jonas Alströmer,
brother of August, Johan and Patrick
Alströmer. Correspondent of
has not left Cadiz by land because his host Jacob Martin BellmanBellman, Jacob Martin
(1706-1786). Swedish. Merchant, Cadiz.
Swedish consul there 1742-1766. His
brother´s son was the author Carl
Michaël Bellman.
and others have been pre-occupied with East Indiamen and other Swedish vessels.

He has more to write about the Americana hexandra of his last letter [Alströmer refers to the Alstroemeria pelegrina described there, see Alströmer to Linnaeus, 30 April 1760 Letter L2705] but lacks time and abilities to do this.

Supposing a good draughtsman be found, he will have the plant depicted. He cannot assign it to a Linnean genus but begs Linnaeus to correct him if need be. It is hexandra monogyna, lacks both perianthus and spatha; its corolla is clearly supera; it has sexpartite petals. He has found an Amaryllis belladonna in an elevated garden, having had no other opportunity to botanize than among potted plants on a roof. If needed and asked he will send a description but cannot recall this plant in the Uppsala University Botanical Garden; of the three in a pot he has been given, one is coming into bloom. He will despatch them in the Hindrik vessel. He wishes he could send more and hopes to know once he has returned from Gibraltar whither he travels soon. He has just received some seeds of the plant called Peregrinas de Lima in Spanish; he encloses them and hopes they will be better than their appearance.

Bellman has promised to take him to an official in Cadiz who, having had to do with the expedition Pehr LöflingLöfling, Pehr (1729-1756).
Swedish. Botanist and explorer. Studied
under Linnaeus. Went to Spain in 1751
and took part in the Spanish expedition
to Venezuela in 1754, where he died.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
accompanied, may know of his effects; the writer will give an account in his next. Löfling gave a receipt for four hundred piasters received as requested to acquire specimens for the queen. Bellman having heard nothing since sending it to the Grills’ firm [Alströmer refers to Claes GrillGrill, Claes (1705-1767).
Swedish. Merchant, owner of the iron
works of Söderfors, Österby
and Iggesund. Director of the Swedish
East India Company. Also known as an art
collector and patron of arts and
sciences. Brother of Anthoni Grill and
Johan Abraham Grill. Correspondent of
] in Stockholm, Linnaeus should ask them whether reimbursement has been made or, if not, to recommend to her majesty, if this be possible, that Bellman be fully compensated, as he is potentially of great service. Alströmer will try to acquire friends in a fleet sailing to the East Indies this summer. Someone on land can possibly acquire some living specimens of Coccus coccifer. He concludes with compliments to Linnaeus, respects to his wife [Sara Elisabet LinnaeaMoraea, Sara Elisabet
(1716-1806). Swedish. Linnaeus’s wife.
Daughter of Johan Moraeus and Elisabet
Hansdotter Moraea. Mother of Carl
Linnaeus the Younger and of Elisabeth
Christina, Louisa, Sara Christina and
Sophia Linnaea.
], and greetings to Carl Linnaeus the YoungerLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
(1741-1783). Swedish. Botanist. Son of
Carl Linnaeus and Sara Elisabet Linnaea.
Brother of Elisabeth Christina, Louisa,
Sara Christina and Sophia Linnaea.
Attended his father’s lectures, had
private tutors (Löfling, Rolander,
Solander and Falk, all Linnaeus’s
students). Demonstrator of botany at
Uppsala. Succeeded his
and all friends in Uppsala.


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