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Link: • Carl Magnus Blom to Carl Linnaeus, 21 June 1760 n.s.
Dated 21-Junii 1760.. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Carl Magnus BlomBlom, Carl Magnus (1737-1815).
Swedish. Studied in Uppsala under
Linnaeus 1755-1763. Provincial physician
in Dalecarlia. Correspondent of
writes to Linnaeus to tell him that he has seen a snow-white rat. [Blom writes “rats”, but points out that it looks like Mus musculus.] The owner is a leather merchant called LundwallLundwall, Swedish. Leather
merchant, Jönköping.
and he lives in Köpmangatan at the goldsmith StaboeusStaboeus, Swedish. Goldsmith,
. Lundwall has got the animal from a tailor who regarded it as a good omen. Blom describes it as beautiful with red eyes and almost transparent ears and not larger than Mus musculus. The feet have five toes of which three are twice as long as the others. The tail is like the one of ordinary mice and somewhat longer than the body. It is kept in a glass jar. Blom describes how the rat washes itself with its paws. Blom also writes that since the owner got her she has got two young ones twice, but he has not kept them. Blom writes that he is enclosing his description of the rat in Latin [fol. 61]. Blom also writes that he has tried to buy the animal, but the owner does not want to sell it. The owner promised, however, to send a white rat to Linnaeus if he gets hold of another one.

Blom writes that he is still in Stockholm and will not leave until next Monday.


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