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Link: • Carl Magnus Blom to Carl Linnaeus, 27 August 1761 n.s.
Dated 27 Augusti 1760. Sent from København (Denmark) to ? (). Written in Swedish.


Carl Magnus BlomBlom, Carl Magnus (1737-1815).
Swedish. Studied in Uppsala under
Linnaeus 1755-1763. Provincial physician
in Dalecarlia. Correspondent of
writes to Linnaeus to tell him that he has learned from Christian Elov MangerMangor, Christian Elov
(1739-1801). Danish. Pupil of Linnaeus.
Physician in Copenhagen from 1765, later
municipal physician. Correspondent of
in Copenhagen that Johan Henrik FerberFerber, Johan Henrik
(1703-1781). Swedish. Admiralty
pharmacist and pharmacist, Karlskrona.
Son of Johan Eberhard Ferber. Father of
Johan Jakob Ferber.
in Karlskrona will send his sons to Uppsala and Blom asks Linnaeus to recommend him as a tutor for the sons [one of these was Johan Jacob FerberFerber, Johan Jacob
(1743-1790). Swedish. Professor of
chemistry at Mitau, of mineralogy at St
Petersburg. Superintendent of the board
of mines, Berlin. Correspondent of
]. Blom writes that he has left his position with Christian HebbeHebbe, Christian (1698-1762).
Swedish. Owner of one of the most
important merchant-houses in Stockholm.
and that he has to find a new position and that he will arrive in Stockholm soon. Blom writes that he left Achen on July 12th and arrived in Copenhagen last Saturday. He travelled through Mastricht, Hertzogenbusch, Rotterdam. Haag, Leiden, Amsterdam, Lemmer, Groningen, Neuschants, Lier, Oldenburg, Delmenhorst, Bremen, Harburg, Hamburg and Lübeck. Blom writes that he has not found any natural history of interest, but he met the following persons: Grovonius Jr. [Laurens Theodor GronoviusGronovius, Laurens Theodor
(1730-1777). Dutch. Naturalist. Senator
of Leiden. Son of Johan Frederik
Gronovius. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
], Franz van Berckhey’sBerckheys, Franz van Dutch.
Doctor, Amsterdam.
and the merchant Pet. Cramers [Pieter CramerCramer, Pieter (1721-1776).
Dutch. Merchant in Spanish wool with a
great interest in butterflies.
] in Amsterdam, the pharmacist MelmsMelms, German. Pharmacist,
in Bremen, the merchant Peter Hinrich TesdorpfTesdorpf, Peter Hinrich
(1712-1778). German. Merchant,
Lübeck. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, in Lübeck, and Peder AscaniusAscanius, Peder (1723-1803).
Danish. Naturalist. Inspector of mines,
Norway. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and Lorenz SpenglerSpengler, Lorenz (1720-1807).
Swiss. Swiss-born zoologist, who moved
to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1743.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Copenhagen, where he also visited the King’s [Frederik VFrederik V, (1723-1766).
Danish. King of Denmark. Reigned
] beautiful natural cabinet. Blom promises to tell Linnaeus all about his journey and the people he has met after his arrival in


a. original holograph (LS, II, 62-63). [1] [2] [3]


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