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Link: • David de Gorter to Carl Linnaeus, 26 August 1760 n.s.
Dated 26 Aug. S. N. 1760. Sent from St Petersburg (Russia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Through Nikita Ivanovitz PaninPanin, Nikita Ivanovitz
(1718-1783). Russian. Statesman,
ambassador in Stockholm.
David de GorterGorter, David de (1707 or
1717-1783). Dutch. Botanist and
physician. Succeeded his father Johannes
de Gorter as physician-in-ordinary to
the Empress Elizabeth of Russia. Son of
Susanna de Gorter, brother of Herman
Boerhaave de Gorter. Correspondent of
has received the package that Linnaeus sent him. Gorter wished that Linnaeus had also enclosed his first volume of Systema naturae [Gorter refers to the tenth edition, Systema naturae, 10th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 10th edition (Stockholm
1758-1759). Soulsby no. 58.

A few days ago Gorter gave the box with Rheum laciniatum and Paeonia tenuifolia to the Swedish merchant Lorentz GiersGiers, Lorentz (1718-1763).
Swedish. Merchant, St Petersburg.
living in St Petersburg who sent it immediately to the merchant Jean Henry Le FebureLe Febure, Jean Henry
(1708-1767). Swedish. Main agent of the
East India Company, director of the
Swedish Ironmasters´ Association,
industrialist and merchant, Stockholm.
in Stockholm. No doubt Linnaeus will soon have it.

Gorter has seen a Rhabarbarina in a private garden. He does not know where it comes from. Next autumn he will get a plant from the owner of the garden and send it to Linnaeus. Linnaeus will then also have Veronica spicis terminalibus. There is a reference to Johann Amman, Stirpium rariorum in imperio Rutheno sponte provenientium icones et descriptiones collectaeAmman, Johann Stirpium
rariorum in imperio Rutheno sponte
provenientium icones et descriptiones
collectae [...] Instar supplementi ad
Commentar. acad. scient. imper.
(St Petersburg 1739).
. Gorter is trying to arrange all the plants enumerated by Jan CommelinCommelin, Jan (1629-1692).
Dutch. Druggist, merchant and botanist.
Uncle of Caspar Commelin.
in Catalogus plantarum indigenarum HollandiaeCommelin, Jan Catalogus
plantarum indigenarum Hollandiae / cui
praemissa, Lamb. Bidloo Dissertatio de
re herbaria
(Amsterdam 1683).
according to Linnaeusís Systema naturae in order to compose a Flora Belgica [in 1767 Gorter published his Flora Belgica: exhibens Plantas per Foederatum Belgium crescentesGorter, David de Flora
Belgica: exhibens Plantas per Foederatum
Belgium crescentes
(Utrecht 1767),
]. However, there are many plants that he can find neither in Linnaeusís Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1753). Soulsby
no. 480.
nor in Systema naturae. Gorter has annotated these on a special sheet of paper. Gorter asks Linnaeus to enlighten him on this matter.

Gorter would like to have Johan Christian Petersen von HeidenstamísPetersen von Heidenstam, Johan
(1739-1774). Swedish.
Physician. Son of Peter Petersen von
dissertation Dissertatio de cortice PeruvianoLinnaeus, Carl Dissertatio de
cortice Peruviano
, diss., resp. J.
C. Petersen von Heidenstam (Uppsala,
1758). Soulsby no. 1991.
. Gorter would also like to have all other dissertations that have appeared this year. These things should be sent through Le Febure.

P.S. Gorter has been made a member of the Royal Society of LondonRoyal Society, London,
British. The Royal Society was founded
in Oxford in 1645 and sanctioned as a
royal society in 1662.
. Gorter has received nothing new from Holland this year.

On fol. 122 is a list of plants with Latin and Dutch names.


a. original holograph (LS, V, 120-122). [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]