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Link: • Henri-Louis Duhamel Du Monceau to Carl Linnaeus, 29 November 1760 n.s.
Dated 29 Novembre 1760. Sent from Paris (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Friedrich Charles de BaërBaër, Friedrich Charles de
(1719-1797). French. Vicar at the
Swedish embassy in Paris. Professor of
theology, Strasbourg. Member of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
Stockholm. Intermediary for Swedish
science in France. Correspondent of
has undertaken to forward Henri-Louis Duhamel du Monceau’ sDuhamel Du Monceau, Henri-Louis
(1700-1782). French. Wrote on botany
and agronomy. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
book La Physique des arbresDuhamel Du Monceau, Henri-Louis
La Physique des arbres, où il
est traité de l’anatomie des
plantes et de l’economie
végétale: pour servir
d’Introduction au Traité complet
des bois & des forêts. Avec
une dissertation sur l’utilité
des methodes de botanique, etc.

(Paris 1758).
. The book was given to him in June but delivery was delayed due to accidents on the way. Duhamel has since had another work printed, Des semis et plantations des arbresDuhamel Du Monceau, Henri-Louis
Des semis et plantations des arbres,
et de leur culture; ou méthodes
pour multiplier et élever les
arbres, les plantes, etc. faisant partie
du traité complet des bois et des
(Paris 1760).
, where he gives an account of his experiences of growing trees. He will send it, too, but Baër has told him that there will not be any occasion before March or April. Then Duhamel could enclose the sixth volume on Traité de la culture des terresDuhamel Du Monceau, Henri-Louis
Traité de la culture des
terres, suivant les principes de M.
Tull, anglois
, 6 vol. (1750-1761).

The Fagara has provided him with many seeds in his garden, for the first time in France, but the Cephalanthus has not, though it seems to do well and flower in the climate. He hopes to be able to grow Ceanothus. He asks Linnaeus for seeds of trees and shrubs that can be cultivated in the open air, in particular different species or variants of pines, spruces and other green trees.

Bernhard de de JussieuJussieu, Bernard de
(1699-1777). French. Professor of
botany, brother of Antoine and Joseph de
Jussieu. Demonstrator at the Jardin des
plantes. Sébastien Vaillant’s
successor. Uncle of Antoine Laurent de
Jussieu. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is well and is waiting for his brother [Joseph de JussieuJussieu, Joseph de (1704-1779).
French. Botanist, mathematician,
explorer. Member of the French
expedition in South America 1735.
Brother of Antoine and Bernard de
Jussieu. Uncle of Antoine Laurent de
] to return from Peru.


a. original holograph (LS, III, 352-353). [1] [2] [3]