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Link: • Andreas Elias Büchner to Carl Linnaeus, 26 November 1760 n.s.
Dated XXVI. Novembr. MDCCLX. Sent from Halle (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


On August 3, Andreas Elias BüchnerBüchner, Andreas Elias
(1701-1769). German. Editor of
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
had received the letter from Linnaeus dated July 8 [this letter has not come down to us]. Büchner thanks Linnaeus for it and is glad to see that he still remembers him. Büchner also understands that Linnaeus has sent something to him that regrettably has been lost in the mail.

Büchner has not answered before for a very special reason. At the beginning of August, Austrian troops had invaded Halle and the surrounding country and extorted a heavy tax, more than 300,000 imperial thalers, from the inhabitants, even the professors, before they left at the end of October. About then, the painter and engraver Gottfried August GründlerGründler, Gottfried August
(-1775). German. Painter and
copperplate engraver.
had been taken ill and lain in bed for several weeks so that Büchner could not get the delineation of a Cancer that he wanted to send to Linnaeus.

Büchner now sends the picture [fol. 320] and says that Gründler had difficulties with the identification, since there were other, very similar, specimens in a collection in Halle. The dubious specimens had been collected by a friend near the Cape of Good Hope. Büchner hopes that that friend, just now in Amsterdam, has managed to collect more specimens so that one of each sex can be available for study. Büchner will try to obtain additional specimens for Linnaeus.

Büchner wants a specimen of a butterfly mentioned in the new edition of Systema naturae, 10th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 10th edition (Stockholm
1758-1759). Soulsby no. 58.

Büchner would have wanted to have told Linnaeus some scholarly news from Halle, but due to the state of war, still notable in the region, nothing worth mentioning has happened. The second volume of the Nova acta of the Halle Academy is being printed, and it will be ready in the spring if peace returns.


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