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Link: • Johan Andreas Murray to Carl Linnaeus, 24 November 1760 n.s.
Dated d. 24 November 1760.. Sent from Göttingen (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Johan Andreas MurrayMurray, Johan Andreas
(1740-1791). Swedish. Professor of
medicine and botany, Göttingen. Son
of Andreas Murray and brother of Adolph
Murray and Gustaf Murray. Half-brother
of Johann Philipp Murray. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
writes to Linnaeus to express his gratitude for the time he spent in Uppsala and for all the knowledge he gathered during his visit. Werthof [Murray presumably means Friedrich August Clemens WerthesWerthes, Friedrich August Clemens
(1748-1817). German. Author of
poetry and drama, publicist and
translator. Göttingen, from 1782
professor of aesthetics in Stuttgart,
from 1784 professor of the humanities at
Pest, Austria, therafter
"Hofrat" in Württemberg.
], Johann Matthias GesnerGesner, Johann Matthias
(1691-1761). German. Philosopher and
philologist. Professor in
and Johann David MichaelisMichaëlis, Johann David
(1717-1791). German. Professor of
Oriental languages, Göttingen.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
have expressed their respect for Linnaeus and they in their turn emphasise Murray’s respect for Linnaeus. In the same way as Linnaeus was tutored by Herman BoerhaaveBoerhaave, Herman (1668-1738).
Dutch. Professor of medicine, botany and
chemistry at Leiden. One of the most
influential professors of medicine of
the eighteenth century. Linnaeus visited
him during his stay in Holland.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Murray is also very thankful for being helped in his career by Linnaeus.

Murray describes his journey to Germany. It took him three weeks to reach Lübeck. From Lübeck he travelled south through Lüneburg and Celle. He is continuing his studies and attends Georg Gottlob Richter’sRichter, Georg Gottlob
(1694-1773). German. Professor of
medicine, Göttingen. Uncle of
August Gottlieb Richter.
lectures in pathology and natural medicine as well as Röderer’s [Johann Georg RoedererRoederer, Johann Georg
(1726-1763). French. Obstetrician,
professor of medicine at Göttingen.
] lectures in physiology and obstetrics.

Murray ends the letter with praise for Linnaeus and also sends Murray’s brother’s [Johann Philip MurrayMurray, Johann Philipp
(1726-1776). Swedish. Critic,
translator, professor of history,
Göttingen. Son of Andreas Murray.
Half-brother of Adolph Murray, Gustaf
Murray and Johann Andreas Murray.
] kindest regards.

Murray encloses two pressed leaves.


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