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Link: • Antoine Gouan to Carl Linnaeus, 9 February 1761 n.s.
Dated februarii 9. 1761. Sent from Montpellier (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Antoine GouanGouan, Antoine (1733-1821).
French. Botanist, Montpellier. Student
under Sauvages. Director of the
botanical garden in 1767, later
professor of botany and medicine.
Although an admirer of Linnaeus he tried
to develop a hybrid of his system of
classification. Correspondent of
can finally send the follicles of Lentiscus that Linnaeus has desired for a long time. Gouan had looked everywhere around Montpellier but could not find any. However, recently he received a follicle full of gymnotetrapterous insects from friends in Provence. Gouan believes them to belong to genus Cynips. Gouan describes a plant that he has doubts about; in its flowers he has observed among other things a chaffy receptacle.

Gouan enlightens Linnaeus on his method to exsiccate fish. He will later send dried specimens so that Linnaeus can see for himself.

P.S. Gouan wonders whether Linnaeus has forgotten the things he enclosed in his last letter [Gouan to Linnaeus, 18 December 1760Letter L2833]. He asks Linnaeus to write.

[On fol. 154r a specimen of Lentiscus is enclosed].

[On fol. 153v-154r] there is a letter from François Boissier de La Croix de SauvagesSauvages, François Boissier de
La Croix de
(1706-1767). French.
Botanist and clergyman and physician,
professor in medicine at Montpellier.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
to Linnaeus, dated 16 February 1761Letter L5414].


a. original holograph (LS, V, 153-154). [1] [2]