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Link: • Carl Magnus Blom to Carl Linnaeus, 30 March 1761 n.s.
Dated 30 Martii 1761. Sent from Burscheid (Germany) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Carl Magnus BlomBlom, Carl Magnus (1737-1815).
Swedish. Studied in Uppsala under
Linnaeus 1755-1763. Provincial physician
in Dalecarlia. Correspondent of
Blom writes to Linnaeus to tell him that during the six last weeks the weather has been beautiful. He gives a comparative list with dates of plants he has seen.

Blom discusses Primula veris in detail. Although he finds the same plants as the ones growing in Sweden there are some differences, for example colour and scent and Blom asks Linnaeus about his opinion. Blom writes that Le Soinne’sLe Soinne, Dutch?. Doctor of
medicine, Burscheid.
opinion is that it is two different plants. Blom regrets that he cannot enclose a dried sample, but promises that he will send Linnaeus a sample as soon as he gets one. Blom also writes that he has found an insect resembling a bumble-bee that caught his attention. He describes it and says that he has studied it in his microscope. It might be a monster and Blom might be able to inform Linnaeus about this when he finds more of them as they are said to be common.

Blom writes that Le Soinne is still giving him interesting books and that he recently got a nice present, namely Friedrich Hoffmann’sHoffmann, Friedrich
(1660-1742). German. Professor of
medicine at Halle.
Medicina rationalis systematicaHoffmann, Friedrich Medicina
rationalis systematica
, 9 vols.
(Halle, 1718-1740).
, vol. 4. Blom writes that Le Soinne sends his best regards to Linnaeus and so does one of Linnaeus’ fellow students from Leiden, Dr. EngelsEngels, Dutch. Physician,
, who is in Limburg now. Blom writes that he has enjoyed reading Francesco Redi’s Redi, Francesco (1626-1697).
Italian. Physician-on-ordinary to the
Dukes of Florence.
“Opuscula de generatione Insectorum”, [Blom refers to the Esperienze Intorno alla Generazione degl’InsettiRedi, Francesco Esperienze
Intorno alla Generazione
(Florence, 1688).
]. Blom writes that there is no news to forward except that French troops march through the town on a daily basis to join the army and it is said that troops from Hannover have lost a battle against the French troops at Giesen [Giessen] on March 22nd.

P.S. Blom writes that he just found an insect below a stone on the high sand-mountain outside Aken [Aachen]. He describes the insect and is sending it to Linnaeus.


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