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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Johannes Burman, 2 July 1761 n.s.
Dated 1761. d. 2 julii. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus has not been able to answer to Johannes Burman’sBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
or anyone else’s letter earlier [the last preserved letter from Burman was dated 28 February 1761Letter L5286].

Linnaeus lists some plants, growing or flowering in his garden.

Linnaeus asks Burman to send a dried flower of Morea in his letter. Perhaps he has perhaps one in his garden?

Linnaeus has received a Astragalus from Alexander RusselRussel, Alexander (?-1768).
British. Scottish doctor of medicine.

Recently, Linnaeus finished the second edition of his Fauna Svecica, 2nd editionLinnaeus, Carl Fauna Svecica
sistens animalia Sveciae regni:
quadrupedia, aves, amphibia, pisces,
insecta, vermes, distributa per classes
& ordines, genera & species. Cum
differentiis specierum, synonymis
autorum, nominibus incolarum, locis
habitationum, descriptionibus
insectorum, 2nd edition
1761). Soulsby no. 1153.
which caused him a lot of work.

Linnaeus asks Burman for Cape insects, but not butterflies.

Linnaeus asks Burman to forward the enclosed letter to his son.


a. original holograph (KVA, Linné Burmannus, 1801-1803). [1] [2] [3]


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