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Link: • John Ellis to Carl Linnaeus, 13 August 1761 n.s.
Dated Aug. 13 1761. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.

Sir Charles Linnaeus
Dear Sir,

I have just now receiv’d 2 small boxes from D[octo]r Garden for you, containing a great variety of fish, snakes and other reptiles, and have deliver’d them into the hands of our worthy friend M[iste]r Solander, who has ship’d them on board a Swedish Vessel that will sail in a few days. We have been at the Sea Shore on the Coast of Sussex, and have seen some new animals, and some that M[iste]r Solander never saw before; he will write you his opinion about the Corallines. We did not meet with Sponges enough to examine their nature thoroughly. What we saw, that had holes in them, shewed no appearance of insects to extend and contract, while under our examination in Sea water; but we observd the holes to open & shut. However I shall continue my observations in Autumn.

I must beg the favour of you[a][a] : MS 1 of you [added above the
to remember to send me a pound of the true Rhubarb Seed by the first Swedish Ship for this place. M[iste]r Solander tells me, you can procure it without much trouble, or I should not have ask’d that favour.

If you continue your correspondence with Doctor Garden, I believe it will be agreeable to you both to write oftener to each other. I mention it to you, because he thought, from his not hearing from you so long, you had dropt the correspondence, but I have lately wrote the contrary and begd of him to continue to collect every thing that is rare. I long much to have the pleasure of hearing from you[b][b] : MS 1 you [added above the
, with your opinion of the Encrinus.

I am, D[ear] Sir,
with the greatest Esteem,
Your most Obedient
humble Servant,
John Ellis

London Aug[ust] 13. 1761.

The Royal Society
at Upsal
in Sweden


Not yet available


a. original holograph (LS, XVII, 108-109). [1] [2] [3]


1. A selection (1821), vol. 1, p. 153-154   p.153  p.154.


MS 1 of you [added above the line]
MS 1 you [added above the line]