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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nicolaas Laurens Burman, 5 August 1761 n.s.
Dated 1761. d. 5 Augusti.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Amsterdam (Netherlands). Written in Latin.


Linnaeus has received Nicolaas Laurens BurmanísBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
(1734-1793). Dutch. Professor of
botany. Linnaeusís pupil in Uppsala in
1760. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
letter [presumably Burman to Linnaeus 18 July 1761Letter L2926], and five days ago, when he was in Stockholm, the cake sent to his wife [see Burman to Linnaeus 6 April 1761Letter L2904]. It had been kept there too long, and one cannot import bread of this kind. Linnaeus also received the catalogue of natural-history specimens. He will send the fascicle to Lars SalviusSalvius, Lars (1706-1773).
Swedish. Printer, bookseller, publisher.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, and he has sent the letters to Charles De GeerDe Geer, Charles (1720-1778).
Swedish. Entomologist and natural
history collector, Leufsta Bruk. Member
of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
in Stockholm and Académie des
sciences, Paris. Corresponded with
Réaumur, Bonnet and other
naturalists. Husband of Catharina
Charlotta Ribbing and father of Emanuel
De Geer. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and Peter Momma, but he did not receive any hens.

It would be a great achievement if Burman could finish his Cape flora[Linnaeus refers to the work which was added to Burmanís Flora IndicaBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
Flora Indica: cui accedit series
zoophytorum Indicorum, nec non prodromus
florae Capensis
(Leiden &
Amsterdam, 1768).
, published in 1768]. He must be careful not to make new species out of the varieties. Linnaeus has 168 species in his Cape catalogue [Linnaeus refers to his Flora CapensisLinnaeus, Carl Flora
, diss., resp. C. H.
Wännman (Uppsala, 1759). Soulsby
no. 2040.
. Linnaeus has not seen Dias in Burmanís collection. Zygophyllum will flower soon, and Linnaeus hopes for seeds. Geranium peltatum and Menispermum have flowered this year. It would be good if Burman could elucidate Selago, a plant of a new genus.

Linnaeus has hardly seen any Cape grasses. There must be a lot of them.

Burman asked Linnaeus to send plants that Burman had kept in Linnaeusís house, but Linnaeus cannot find any. Only six or seven damaged specimens on a bench. He will send them but they are of no value.

Linnaeus has not seen any plants of Gerardia. He has a plant that has not flowered yet, but he supposes that it is a Geranium althaeoides.

Burman will receive all the Monadelphia species that have seeds this year.

Burman said that he had sent a sprig of Hesperis africana, but it was not in the letter.

The whole town of Falun except eight houses was set on fire by an arsonist. The house of Linnaeusís mother-in-law [Elisabeth Hansdotter MoraeaMoraea, Elisabeth Hansdotter
(1691-1769). Swedish. Linnaeusís
mother-in-law. Married to Johan Moraeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] was spared, but all the other houses in the neighbourhood were burnt down.

Linnaeus has not refused to send seeds that he has if Burman only asks for them, but if Burman finds it fatiguing to send, Linnaeus thinks so, too.

Carl Alexander ClerckísClerck, Carl Alexander
(1709-1765). Swedish. Entomologist.
Assessor in Stockholm. Correspondent of
has engraved all the Queenís [Lovisa UlrikaLovisa Ulrika, (1720-1782).
Swedish. Queen of Sweden 1751-1771.
Married to Adolf Fredrik. Mother of
Gustav III. Sister of Fredric II of
Prussia. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] butterflies and sent her a copy [LInnaeus refers to the Icones insectorum rariorumIClerck, Carl Alexander Icones
insectorum rariorum cum nominibus eorum
trivialibus, locisqve e C: Linnaei [...
] Syst: nat: allegatis
, 2 vol.,
(Stockholm 1759-1765).

Linnaeusís second edition of Fauna Svecica [Fauna Svecica, 2nd editionLinnaeus, Carl Fauna Svecica
sistens animalia Sveciae regni:
quadrupedia, aves, amphibia, pisces,
insecta, vermes, distributa per classes
& ordines, genera & species. Cum
differentiis specierum, synonymis
autorum, nominibus incolarum, locis
habitationum, descriptionibus
insectorum, 2nd edition
1761). Soulsby no. 1153.
] has been published.

Linnaeus has a letter to Burman that is very heavy, probably a book. He will send it by boat through Peter Momma.


a. original holograph (KVA, Linnť Burmannus, 0401-0404). [1] [2] [3] [4]


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