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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Carl Fredrik Mennander, 19 January 1762 n.s.
Dated 1762 d. 19. Januari.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to ? (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus writes to Carl Fredrik MennanderMennander, Carl Fredrik
(1712-1786). Swedish. Archbishop and
scientist. As bishop of Åbo he
promoted science. A new chair in
chemistry, a laboratory, a botanical
garden were founded at his initiative. A
close friend of Linnaeus. Husband of
Ulrica Mennander and Johanna Magdalena
Mennander. Father of Carl Fredric
Fredenheim. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and expresses his deepest disappointment with Mennanderís non-appearance. Linnaeus had made up his mind to show Mennander all things new, and the room where he should have stayed was heated for a fortnight. Linnaeus writes that he is very worried about the outcome of the Parliamentís decision [Linnaeus refers to his wish that his son, Carl Linnaeus the YoungerLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
(1741-1783). Swedish. Botanist. Son of
Carl Linnaeus and Sara Elisabet Linnaea.
Brother of Elisabeth Christina, Louisa,
Sara Christina and Sophia Linnaea.
Attended his fatherís lectures, had
private tutors (Löfling, Rolander,
Solander and Falk, all Linnaeusís
students). Demonstrator of botany at
Uppsala. Succeeded his
, should succeed him] and that he can trust only Mennander and Erik Johan af PalénPalén, Erik Johan af
(1716-1788). Swedish. Secretary of the
representation of peasants at the
Swedish Riksdag in the 1750´s and
1760´s. Lawman in Finland
1766-1783. Born Paléen. Married
to Anna Johanna af Palén. Brother
of Ulrica Mennander and Christina
Margareta Stenman. Brother-in-law of
Carl Fredrik Mennander.
. Linnaeus would like to know whether he should send Mennander his Curriculum vitae, and asks for Mennanderís advice as to whether he should travel to Stockholm or not. Linnaeus asks Mennander to forward his regards to Palén and his wife [Anna Johanna af PalénPalén, Anna Johanna af
(1717-1784). Swedish. Wife of Erik
Johan af Palén. Born
Forsséen. Sister-in-law of Ulrica
and Carl Fredrik Mennander and of
Kristina Margareta Stenman.
] and to Mennanderís family.


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