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Link: • Antoine Gouan to Carl Linnaeus, 22 April 1762 n.s.
Dated 22. aprilis 1762. Sent from Montpellier (France) to ? (). Written in Latin.


Antoine Gouan bio-GouanA} has recently been in controversy with François Boissier de La Croix de SauvagesSauvages, François Boissier de
La Croix de
(1706-1767). French.
Botanist and clergyman and physician,
professor in medicine at Montpellier.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and Jean François SéguierSéguier, Jean François
(1703-1784). French. Antiquarian
and botanist, Nimes. Correspondent of
about the following six plants and therefore asks Linnaeusís opinion:

1.Crepis; Gouan believes it to be a Hyoseris scabra.

2.Eupatorium; Gouan thinks that it should rather be called Erigeron or Conyza.

3. Linnaeus once believed this plant to be a Crepis; nowadays he calls it Leontodon hirtum, Systema naturae [Gouan refers to the tenth edition, Systema naturae, 10th editionLinnaeus, Carl Systema
, 10th edition (Stockholm
1758-1759). Soulsby no. 58.
], II, p. 1194. Sauvages and Séguier call it a Hyoseris. However, Gouan means that it should rather be a Hieracium.

4. Sauvages and Séguier call a plant Sonchus; Gouan states that it is a Scorzonera picroides.

5. Sauvages and Séguier believe a plant to be a Hyoseris minima. However, Gouan advocates that it is a Hypochaeris.

6. A plant that Gouan believes to be Leontodon tuberosum is Hieracium according to Sauvages and Séguier.

They all eagerly await Linnaeusís verdict on these plants.

Gouan would like to receive Linnaea, Leontodon hispidum 6, Leontodon autumnale 4, Leontodon lanatum B and Leontodon aureum A, Systema naturae 1193, and Crepis pygmea.

Gouan has collected many of the seeds that Linnaeus wants to receive and will send them with the rest.


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