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Link: • Olof Håkansson to Carl Linnaeus, 24 June 1762 n.s.
Dated 24 Janu. 1762. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Olof HåkanssonHåkansson, Olof
(1695-1769). Swedish. Spokesman of the
peasants during the sessions of the
Swedish parliament. Father of Anders af
Håkansson and Carl
Håkansson. Correspondent of
writes to Linnaeus and makes excuses for not having written earlier because of a heavy workload.

He congratulates Linnaeus on the successful result of his pearl cultivation project and says that he and his friends are honoured to have been able to contribute.

He thanks Linnaeus for having taken good care of his sons [Anders af HåkanssonHåkansson, Anders af
(1749-1813). Swedish. Student at the
Lund university in 1760. County governor
of Blekinge, president of the Nationall
Board of Trade [Kommerskollegium].
Baron. Son of Olof Håkansson,
brother of Carl Håkansson.
and Carl HåkanssonHåkansson, Carl
(1750-1770). Swedish. Student at the
Lund university in 1760. Son of Olof
Håkansson and brother of Anders af
] during their stay in Uppsala.

Håkansson writes that he is looking forward to be of further assistance and sends his best regards to Mrs. Linnaeus [Sara Elisabet MoraeaMoraea, Sara Elisabet
(1716-1806). Swedish. Linnaeusís wife.
Daughter of Johan Moraeus and Elisabet
Hansdotter Moraea. Mother of Carl
Linnaeus the Younger and of Elisabeth
Christina, Louisa, Sara Christina and
Sophia Linnaea.
] and the rest of the family.


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