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Link: • Anders Johan von Höpken to Carl Linnaeus, 17 June 1762 n.s.
Dated 17 Junii 1762. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Anders Johan von HöpkenHöpken, Anders Johan von
(1712-1789). Swedish. Count and
statesman. One of the founders of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The
Chancellor of the Uppsala University
1760-1764. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
writes that the Swedish Judicial Board for Public Lands and Funds [KammarkollegiumKammarkollegium, Swedish. The
Swedish Judicial Board for Public Lands
and Funds.
] has promised to modify its resolution [Höpken refers to a conflict between the Uppsala University Botanical Garden and the tenant of the Castle garden, Arvid BurmanBurman, Arvid Swedish. Tenant
of the Castle Garden in Uppsala.
, as to who had the right to manure from the Royal Academy Stables]. Yesterday the Privy Council [Sekreta UtskottetSekreta Utskottet, Swedish.
Committee of the Swedish parliament,
where foreign policy was discussed.
] decided on another matter in favour of Linnaeus [Höpken refers to the decision to give Linnaeus a national award]. Höpken will now return to his estate and thanks Linnaeus for the consideration paid to his son [presumably Fredric Ulric von HöpkenHöpken, Fredric Ulric
(1745-1766). Swedish. Student. Son of
Anders Johan von Höpken.


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