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Link: • Job Baster to Carl Linnaeus, 31 August 1762 n.s.
Dated 31 Aout 1762. Sent from Zierikzee (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French & Latin.


Job BasterBaster, Job (1711-1775).
Dutch. Naturalist, doctor of medicine,
Leiden. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sends Linnaeus another work, the fourth in a series [Baster refers to the fourth fascicle in the Opuscula subsecivaBaster, Job Opuscula
subseciva, observationes miscellaneas de
animalculis et plantis quibusdam
marinis, eorumque ovariis et seminibus
, 2 vol. (Haarlem,
], and he sends it the same way as the three previous ones. The latest of those was sent nine weeks earlier [Baster to Linnaeus, 5 June 1762Letter L3101].

P.S. 1 Baster thanks Linnaeus for a letter dated 8 August 1762 [this letter has not come down to us].

P.S. 2 Linnaeus had told him that the first two publications that he had sent had not reached Linnaeus. He is sorry, and he supposes that they have been held up in Stockholm or on the ship. Baster was very eager to know what Linnaeus thought of his observations published there.

P.S. 3 To repair that, Baster has had a copy of each coloured by hand and sends them in this letter. He again asks Linnaeus to tell him if there is something he is not satisfied with.

P.S. 4 Baster offers Linnaeus specimens of Beroe bicaudata, which interests him much, and of Ascidium and Eschara, if Linnaeus can tell Baster the name of somebody in Stockholm or Amsterdam who could act as an intermediary in the transport. Baster is pleased that Linnaeus has asked him to study and publish the Salicornia, and Baster will let Linnaeus see the text before it is printed. Baster concludes the letter by mentioning another article of his, published in the transactions of the Haarlem AcadémieAcadémie. Haarlem,
[”Natuurkundige beschryving van den kin-yu, of goud-vis”Baster, Job ”Natuurkundige
beschryving van den kin-yu, of
goud-vis”, Verhandel. uitg. door de
Hollandsche maatsch. d. wetensch. te
, 7:1 (1763), 215-246.


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