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Link: • Friedrich Charles de Baër to Carl Linnaeus, 9 December 1762 n.s.
Dated 9. Decemb. 1762.. Sent from Paris (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Linnaeus does not know Friedrich Charles de BaërBaër, Friedrich Charles de
(1719-1797). French. Vicar at the
Swedish embassy in Paris. Professor of
theology, Strasbourg. Member of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
Stockholm. Intermediary for Swedish
science in France. Correspondent of
but Baër feels compelled to inform Linnaeus of an event that certainly will please him as much as it pleases himself. After the death of James BradleyBradley, James (1692-1762).
British. Astronomer. Profesor at Oxford
1721. Astronomer Royal at Greenwich in
there is a vacant chair as foreign member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris [Académie royale des sciencesAcadémie royale des sciences,
French. The French
Académie des sciences was founded
in 1666 and became a royal academy in
1699. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
]. Being a corresponding member of the Academy and attending their meetings regularly, Baër has noticed that several members have been acting for themselves, or on behalf of someone they know, to be appointed, but Baër is convinced that Linnaeus would be the right person. Baër was encouraged by several members of the Academy, Jean François Clément MorandMorand, Jean François
French. Professor of anatomy, Paris.Son
of Saveur-François Morand.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Jérôme Le Français de Lalande, Bernard de JussieuJussieu, Bernard de
(1699-1777). French. Professor of
botany, brother of Antoine and Joseph de
Jussieu. Demonstrator at the Jardin des
plantes. Sébastien Vaillantís
successor. Uncle of Antoine Laurent de
Jussieu. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
and Alexis Claude ClairautClairaut, Alexis Claude
(1713-1756). French. Mathematician.
Member of the French expedition to
Lapland in 1736-1737 to determine the
shape of the earth.
, to take steps to propose Linnaeus and he learned that a majority was favourably disposed. L´Abbé Nollet [Jean Antoine NolletNollet, Jean Antoine
(1700-1770). French. Physicist.
], Director of the Academy, assured Baër that he already had thought of proposing Linnaeus. At the last meeting Linnaeus was appointed Foreign Member by a great majority. It only remains to get the approbation from the King [Louis XVLouis XV, (1710-1774).
French. Reigned 1715-1774.
], but Baër did not consider it necessary to wait for that before he announced this decision.

As Baër considers himself to be an adopted son of Sweden, this is a pleasure for him and it pleases him to be the first to tell Linnaeus.


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