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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Daniel Tilas, 6 December 1762 n.s.
Dated 1762 d. 6 Decembr.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Stockholm (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


A few mail days earlier, Linnaeus had thanked Daniel TilasTilas, Daniel (1712-1772).
Swedish. Nobleman. Mineralogist,
official heraldist, genealogist.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
most humbly for the coat of arms. Since then, Linnaeus has not touched the issue again with anybody or given any sign of dissatisfaction with the outcome. If anybody has told Tilas anything to that effect, they have been untruthful.

Since Linnaeus knows that Tilas is well informed about scholarly works, he asks him about John MiltonísMilton, John (1608-674).
British. Poet and hymn writer, also
working as a government official. Author
of Paradise Lost (1677).
The works, historical, political and miscellaneousMilton, John The works,
historical, political and miscellaneous
: Now more correctly printed from the
originals [...]
(London, 1753).
, printed in London 1753. Linnaeus has received a copy from a gentleman in England, although it is outside Linnaeusís sphere of interest. The work is in two volumes, very elegantly bound, and the edition is said not to be for sale but meant for private circulation. Linnaeus wonders if the work is known in Stockholm. It deals only with political issues, which Linnaeus does not know enough of to understand.

P.S. 1. Linnaeus wonders about the age of the paper used for portraits, which Miltonís work suggests to be very new.

P.S. 2. Linnaeus reports that he has not yet heard that his agent has received approval of the coat of arms.


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