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Link: • John Balfour to Carl Linnaeus, 15 January 1763 n.s.
Dated Jan:15 th 1763. Sent from Edinburgh (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.

Edin[burgh] Jan[uary] 15th 1763.


I had the honour to write you a letter of date July 5th 1762 at the desire of D[octo]r John Hope Professor of Botany in this University. It related to the Books in Botany wrote by you, which are held in great Estimation in this place. When we write to Holland for them, we frequently cannot get them, and when we do, at a very extravagant price. This inducd us to trouble you with a letter, begging the favour, that you woud desire your Bookseller; to send us a number of your books, of which my letter containd a list, and a double of which I give you on the other side. I beg’d the favour also that you woud give me an answer informing me whether you coud comply with my Respect, because if not, I behoovd to take some other method of provideing myself with these books. As I never had the pleasure of hearing from you, I suspect my letter has not come to your hand, and therefore I renew it by troubling you with this. If you can comply with my Request the Books may be sent in a bale, either from Stockholm, Gottenburg, or any other port in Sweden, from which there are frequent opportunity to Leith. When the books are shipt, & I have receivd the Invoice, they shall immediatly be paid either to this place, or at London, or we shall remitt the value directly to Stockholm, or any other place you desire. If you will take the trouble to return an answer to this in course of the post, I shall esteem it as very oblidgeing. I am with the greatest Esteem & Request

Your most Humble Serv[an]t
John Balfour

To M[iste]r John Balfour Bookseller
in Edinburgh

25 Linnaei Genera Plantarum last Edition

25 Linnaei Systema Naturae Vol. 2

25 Ditto vol. 3 if publishd

6 Ditto vol. 1st

12 Linnaei Philosophia Botanica

12 Linnaei Species Plantarum 2 V.

3 Linnaei Amoenitates Academicae 5 V. also Vol. 6th if publishd.

6 Linnaei Flora Suecica new Edit.

6 Linnaei Materia Medica new Edit.

4 Linnaei Fauna Suecica

All the last Editions

I woud chuse like wise to have two or three Copys of any other Book publishd by your self, or such as you recommend and we flatter our selves that the Bookseller will be v[ery] reasonable in his prices, as we are to pay ready money an[d] it may be an Introduction to further Correspondence.

A Monsieur
Monsieur Linnaeus Chevalier de L’Etoile
Polaire, Medicin Ordinnaire au Roi du
a Upsal


John BalfourBalfour, John British.
Publishers in Edinburgh. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
has not received an answer to his previous letter, written 5 July 1762Letter L3109, so he returns to the issue. The request is repeated in almost the same wordings, since he supposes that the first letter had been lost and never reached Linnaeus.

Balfour wants an answer by return of mail, since he is eager to be able to provide the books.


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