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Link: • Anders Johan von Höpken to Carl Linnaeus, 10 January 1763 n.s.
Dated 10 Jan: 1763. Sent from Skänninge (Sweden) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


Anders Johan von HöpkenHöpken, Anders Johan von
(1712-1789). Swedish. Count and
statesman. One of the founders of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The
Chancellor of the Uppsala University
1760-1764. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has had a three-week holiday to celebrate Christmas. On his return last night he found Linnaeus’s letter of 1 January 1763 [this letter has not come down to us].

Höpken has numerous reasons, that he does not wish to list in the present context, why he should advise Linnaeus to not delay with this matter [Linnaeus wishes to appoint his son, Carl Linnaeus the YoungerLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
(1741-1783). Swedish. Botanist. Son of
Carl Linnaeus and Sara Elisabet Linnaea.
Brother of Elisabeth Christina, Louisa,
Sara Christina and Sophia Linnaea.
Attended his father’s lectures, had
private tutors (Löfling, Rolander,
Solander and Falk, all Linnaeus’s
students). Demonstrator of botany at
Uppsala. Succeeded his
to succeed him]. Times change, the arts and intrigues are multifold. Being Chancellor, Höpken says that he would wish nothing greater than to be able to contribute to something that Linnaeus wished, and it is of course essential that a successor should have worked for some time under him.

Höpken is weary after his journey and does not want to pursue this matter further at present.


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