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Link: • Nicolaas Laurens Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 22 February 1763 n.s.
Dated 22 febr. 1763. Sent from () to (). Written in Latin.


Nikolaas Laurens BurmanBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
(1734-1793). Dutch. Professor of
botany. Linnaeusís pupil in Uppsala in
1760. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sends some of Peter ForsskålísForsskål, Peter
(1732-1763). Swedish. Naturalist and
explorer. Linnaeusís student, professor
in Denmark in 1759. Joined a Danish
expedition to Egypt and Arabia in 1761.
Died at Jerîm, Arabia.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
seeds from Cairo. Forsskål has added the names and from that one can see how competent he is. Burman hopes that he returns safe and sound. Burman has added some Cape and Surinamese seeds and a few collected on Minorca.

The Burmans are anxiously waiting for the new edition of Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1762-1763).
Soulsby no. 500.
and other books. Linnaeus promised in his last letter to send his Fundamentum fructificationisLinnaeus, Carl Fundamentum
, diss. resp. J. M.
Gråberg (Uppsala, 1762)- Soulsby
no. 2214.
. It would be good if he could send the books through Lars SalviusSalvius, Lars (1706-1773).
Swedish. Printer, bookseller, publisher.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
or the bookseller who printed them so that they could be sent with the first ship to Holland. Then the Burmans can buy the books from the booksellers.

Burman will talk to Jacob LíAdmiralL´Admiral, Jacob
(1700-1770). Dutch. Engraver and
illustrator of plants and insects.
about his butterfly book [Naauwkeurige WaarneemingenL´Admiral, Jacob
Naauwkeurige Waarneemingen van Veele
Gestaltverwisselende Gekorvene
(Amsterdam, [1740]).
] as soon as possible. He is certain that it will be sent to Peter MommaMomma, Peter Swedish. Printer
and publisher, Stockholm.
with the first ship.

Burman regrets that he could not help Lars BrobergBroberg, Lars Swedish.
Gardener at the Uppsala University
Botanical Garden.
. He had a letter from him three weeks ago written in Swedish. It was difficult to have it translated but Broberg asked Burman to send a letter, written by Linnaeus to help Broberg, to the gardener Witbaum [Sven VittbomVittbom, Sven Swedish.
Gardener at Zuidwijk, close to Leiden.

Burmanís father [Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] recently bought 70 very expensive illustrations of Surinamese plants, painted by Maria Sibylla MerianísMerian, Maria Sibylla
(1647-1717). German. Entomologist and
artist. Published Metamorphosis
insectorum Surinamensium
daughter [presumably Johanna Helena HeroltHerolt, Johanna Helena German.
The first daughter of Maria Sibylla
Merian, who also contributed to her
mother´s work. Travelled to
Surinam with her husband the merchant
Jacob Hendrik.

On April 14 there is an auction of Martin MartenísMarten, Martin Dutch. Lector,
physics and mathematics instruments. Daniel BalguerieBalguerie, Daniel (1733-1788).
Swedish. Swedish agent in Amsterdam,
succeeded his father Pierre Balguerie.
took the catalogue to Sweden.

Burman asks if Linnaeus has received the book he sent last year, Maarten HouttuynísHouttuyn, Maarten (1720-1798).
Dutch. Physician and naturalist.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
edition in Dutch of Linnaeusís Systema [Natuurlyke historieHouttuyn, Maarten Natuurlyke
historie oft uitvoerige beschryving der
Dieren, Planten en Mineraalen, volgens
het samenstel van [... ]Linnaeus
3 vol. (Amsterdam 1761-1785) . Soulsby
no. 73.
]. It was published with explications, other personsí observations and illustrations.

Burmanís father sends his best regards.


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