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Link: • Anders Johan von Höpken to Carl Linnaeus, 4 March 1763 n.s.
Dated 4 Martii 1763. Sent from Skänninge (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Linnaeus’s letter of 22 February 1763 [this letter has not come down to us] arrived with the latest post delivery and Anders Johan von HöpkenHöpken, Anders Johan von
(1712-1789). Swedish. Count and
statesman. One of the founders of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.The
Chancellor of the Uppsala University
1760-1764. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
comments that his previous letter of 21 February 1763Letter L3210 would have demonstrated that he did not expect any formal notification and that he was heartily pleased to find Linnaeus among the nobility.

He devotes the next paragraph in developing his theme of praise. Höpken wishes that Linnaeus would write a Theologia naturae, the purpose of which should be to prove the existence of the Supreme Being behind everything created. He knows that Linnaeus has already done that in numerous speeches and dissertations, but in a far too dispersed manner. It would be worthwhile to collect this into one system and one single work, so that one didn’t have to search for some and miss a lot. When that work is published, one will notify that knowledge about the creation of God and the economy of nature is a stronger basis for religion than the most subtile kind of metaphysics, which sofar has only caused quarrels and produced free-thinkers..

Höpken tries to persuade Linnaeus to give a series of lectures at the Uppsala University in the same way as Robert Boyle and William DerhamDerham, William (1657-1735).
British. Clergyman, scientist. Author of
Physico-theology (1713).
had done in England [Höpken refers to the so called Boyle lectures. Boyle had set aside funds to establish a lecture series for the defence of the Christian religion against atheists and other unbelievers,] and Derham’s Physico-theologyDerham, William
Physico-theology : or a demonstration
of the being and attributes of God from
his works of creation


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