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Link: • Augustin Ehrensvärd to Carl Linnaeus, 5 May 1763 n.s.
Dated 5 maj 1763. Sent from Stockholm (Sweden) to (). Written in Swedish.


Augustin EhrensvärdEhrensvärd, Augustin
(1710-1772). Swedish. Count,
field-marshal. The founder of the fort
of Sveaborg (Finland). Correspondent of
thanks Linnaeus for his letter [this letter has not come down to us], commenting that it is nonetheless a consolation to note that other nations are as negligent as we are. Mankind is the same in all climates.

As Linnaeus has been so kind as to recommend the planting of rice, Zizania, Ehrensvärd requests information on how he can instruct a merchant to acquire some. A good friend of the burghers is willing to make use of his friends in England in getting rice seeds if it is at all possible.

Ehrensvärd believes that Linnaeus is aware that Ehrensvärd had applied for a professor in mathematics to teach his youngsters in Finland that will be financed by the State. He now needs a tutor for his son Carl Augustin EhrensvärdEhrensvärd, Carl Augustin
(1745-1800). Swedish. Admiral. Son of
Augustin Ehrensvärd.
, and whom Ehrensvärd also expects will read to his other children in his spare time. Ehrensvärd would give the tutor board as well as a couple of hundred plates per year. If Ehrensvärd could oblige Linnaeus with any other service he would be happy to oblige. Were Linnaeus a good friend he would find a suitable man, one who has not studied theology, oriental languages or metaphysics, but other useful sciences. Ehrensvärd would happily accept a botanist. If Linnaeus thought the salary was too meagre then Linnaeus was free to increase it as he wished, provided that the tutor was a well-read man but without a mind of his own.



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