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Link: • Johan Peter Falck to Carl Linnaeus, 11 October 1763 n.s.
Dated 11 Oct. 1763. Sent from St Petersburg (Russia) to (). Written in Swedish.


Johan Peter FalckFalck, Johan Peter (1732-1774).
Swedish. Professor of botany and
curator of the botanical garden of St
Petersburg. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
tells Linnaeus about the dangers of crossing the Baltic during autumn and the adventures he met with the 19th September to 1st October on his travel to St Petersburg. In spite of the harbour pilot, the ship hit a sandbank during the storm in the night. He lost his hat and sword but he could reach land eventually. After such a horrible journey Falck will never again go by sea.

The journey continued from Narva and last Saturday he reached St Petersburg after a most tiresome transport by land.

Falck is very grateful to the benefactor [Karl Friedrich KruseKruse, Karl Friedrich (?-1799).
Russian. Personal physician to the
Russian czar. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] who met him and to Linnaeus for all the trouble he has had on his behalf.

P.S. Falck would be most obliged if Linnaeus could tell his brother [Anders FalckFalck, Anders (1740-1796).
Swedish. Astronomer, headmaster at
] about his present condition. The Minister will today send the seven ducats Linnaeus most kindly lent him. That has greatly facilitated his journey and accommodation. Falck wonders if he ever will be able to repay all the trust and kindness that Linnaeus has shown him.


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