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Link: • Domenico Maria Leone Cirillo to Carl Linnaeus, 22 November 1763 n.s.
Dated X Kal. decembr. A. MDCCLXIII. Sent from Napoli (Italia) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Domenico Maria Leone CirilloCirillo, Domenico Maria Leone
(1739-1799). Italian. Physician and
naturalist, Naples. Correspondent of
is disappointed that he has heard nothing from Linnaeus. He received his first letter from Linnaeus the previous summer [this letter has not come down to us] and answered immediately. He also enclosed seeds and some dried specimens. He did not know whether Linnaeus received his letter so he wrote a new one, but heard nothing [up to the 22nd November 1763, there are three preserved letters from Cirillo to Linnaeus, 14 June 1762Letter L3080, 10 October 1762Letter L3133, 31 January 1763Letter L3207].

A severe fever has delayed Cirillo’s botanical work with ten whole months [the first volume of this work was published in 1788, Dominici Cyrilli [...] Plantarum variorum regni Neapolitani fasciculiis primus (secundus)Cirillo, Domenico Maria Leone
Dominici Cyrilli [...] Plantarum
variorum regni Neapolitani fasciculiis
primus (secundus). Cum tabulis
(Naples, 1788-1792).

Cirillo has found a species of Gryllu that belongs to the Acrida. It is abundant in the meadows of Naples.

Cirillo wants to know which insects Linnaeus wants him to send.

In the spring, Cirillo plans to scour Apulia to Mount Gargano to collect natural history specimens. He can then send Orvala, Frankenia, Scabiosa and Lamium garganicum.

Cirillo has not got Linnaeus’s Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1762-1763).
Soulsby no. 500.
. Therefore, he asks Linnaeus to finish his new edition. He has received the Transactions of the the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences [Kungliga Svenska VetenskapsakademienKungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademien,
Swedish. The Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences, Stockholm. Founded
in 1739.


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