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Link: • John Ellis to Carl Linnaeus, 1 January 1765 n.s.
Dated Jan. 1. 1765. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


In answer to your very kind Letter letting me know that you had, after many attempts, at last got a true tea plant, which you wish’d to dispose of to some of our Nobility, I wrote you that I had mention’d it to some of our Magnates, and they desir’d to know what would be agreeable to you in return, as it was impossible for me to put a proper value on it. I have waited long, expecting an answer to my last letter, which I wrote in May last; but, hearing from your Disciple, and my very good friend, M[iste]r Adam Kuhn, that you had expressd a desire to hear from me, and that you wonder’d at my Silence, I now assure you that I do, and always did, esteem in the greatest honour of my life to be a Correspondent of Professor Linnaeus, always considering you as the great Ornament to science, especially Natural History, which I so much esteem. M[iste]r Kuhn has fully explain’d the affair between Solander and you, which I was totally ignorant of[a][a] : MS 1 of [added above the
before, and for which I am extremely sorry. I wish to see you in the same friendship as before. What friends I made him, were intirely owing to your warm recommendation. I have lately introduced him to our Lord Chancellor who is in[b][b] : MS 1 in [added above the
rank the first man in dignity, except the Archbishop to the Royal Family, but if I thought he had acted dishonourably by you, I should never esteem him more. I sent a dissertation to you, and one to your Son, upon the Pennatula, to the care of M[iste]r Kuhn, who promised me it should go by the first Ship. In that I have observd, that there does not appear any perforation in the base, which not only from my own Observation, but that of Bohadsch, I am thoroughly convinced of. Your Letter to our Friend Peter Collinson I have heard the contents of. I rejoice to find poor Forskall discovered it, and I observe likewise that you think the Rheum compactum is the true officinal Rhubarb. I wish for a few seeds by the post. I am now (thank God) in a place as King’s Agent to West Florida, that entitles me to the Correspondence of many Gentlemen that are gone to reside there, and are curious in Natural History. I expect to hear every day from them; and you may depend on it, no man of the Royal Society of London shall sooner be acquainted with what I receive than you. I shall go to the Sea side to search for Marine Insects next Summer. I attended last Summer in pursuit of the animals in Sponges, but believe me there are none; but the whole is an Animal, and the water passes in a stream through the holes, too and fro,[c][c] : MS 1 to and fro [added above
the line
in each papilla; and whatever has been wrote by Peysonell & others, is not true. Adieu, my Dear Friend.

I most Sincerely Yours,
John Ellis

London Jan[uary] 1. 1765.

The Honourable
Chevalier Linnaeus
at Upsala
in Sweden
Post P. 1.


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a. original holograph (LS, XVII, 114-115). [1] [2] [3]


1. A selection (1821), vol. 1, p. 162-164   p.162  p.163  p.164.


MS 1 of [added above the line]
MS 1 in [added above the line]
MS 1 to and fro [added above the line]