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Link: • Mikael Harmensen to Carl Linnaeus, 19 March 1765 n.s.
Dated ce 19 Mars 1765. Sent from Bordeaux (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Last autumn Mikael HarmensenHarmensen, Mikael (1771-1793).
Swedish. Swedish general consul in
Bordeaux, 1751. Ennobled in Sweden 1773.
Married to Sofie Dorolee von Robais.
Son of Jean Christoffer Harmensen.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
sent some fruit to Linnaeus through Schild [presumably Johan SchildtSchildtJ, Johan (1704-1765).
Swedish. Stamp-master at the customs
warehouse in Stockholm.
] in Stockholm but he has sadly learnt that the ship ran aground and he fears that the fruit is lost. He will repair that as soon as possible.

Some time ago their friend Daniel Zacharias HallmanHallman, Daniel Zacharias
(1722-1782). Swedish. Clergyman. Pastor
at the Swedish legation in Madrid, dean
at Strängnäs. Linnaeus’s
student in 1744-1746. Correspondent of
told him about the problems concerning his request to the King [Adolf FredrikAdolf Fredrik, (1710-1771).
Swedish. King of Sweden. Reigned
1751-1771. Married to Lovisa Ulrika.
Father of Gustav III. Chancellor of
Uppsala university 1747-1751.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] and he had asked for more details to be able to make a petition. Harmensen was not then able to comply with his wishes. Now Friedrich Charles de BaërBaër, Friedrich Charles de
(1719-1797). French. Vicar at the
Swedish embassy in Paris. Professor of
theology, Strasbourg. Member of the
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
Stockholm. Intermediary for Swedish
science in France. Correspondent of
has visited him, and they talked about the possibilities to tie Harmensen to the Swedish nation. They agreed on presenting a petition to the King in order to register the patent of nobility that his father had received from the late Polish king August III [Frederick August IIFrederick August II ,
(1696-1763). Polish. Also king August
III of Poland from 1734-1763. Elector of
Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire from
]. Baër drew up the petition and made a copy of the patent to be enclosed after being confirmed in Paris by Fredrik Ulrik von FriesendorffFriesendorff, Fredrik Ulrik von
(1740-1793). Swedish. Diplomat,
governor and marshal of the realm. In
1764 appointed chargé d’affaires
in Paris.
in Ulrik Scheffer’sScheffer, Ulrik (1716-1799).
Swedish. Count, army officer, diplomat
and politician. Brother of Carl Fredrik
Scheffer. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
absence. Harmensen again asks Linnaeus to present this petition to the King. His good friend Baër has promised to join him in asking Linnaeus for that favour.


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