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Link: • Johan Hartvig Ernst Bernstorff to Carl Linnaeus, 25 May 1765 n.s.
Dated XXV. m. Maji, A.D. MDCCLXV. Sent from KÝbenhavn (Denmark) to (). Written in Latin.


Johan Hartvig Ernst BernstorffBernstorff, Johan Hartvig Ernst
(1712-1772). Danish. Count. Minister of
foreign affairs. Correspondent of
has received Linnaeusís letter of 24 December 1764 Letter L3489], but has postponed sending an answer, since he hoped more of Peter ForsskålísForsskål, Peter
(1732-1763). Swedish. Naturalist and
explorer. Linnaeusís student, professor
in Denmark in 1759. Joined a Danish
expedition to Egypt and Arabia in 1761.
Died at Jerîm, Arabia.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
material from Egypt and Arabia would come. However, there is no hope of that now.

Bernstorff hopes that the only survivor of the team [Carsten NiebuhrNiebuhr, Carsten (1733-1815).
Danish. Explorer of Arabia. In 1761 he
visited Egypt and the Arabian peninsula.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] will survive and succeed in saving the collections and results of the expedition.

Bernstorff thanks Linnaeus for the copy of the Opobalsamum declaratum in dissertatione medicaLinnaeus, Carl Opobalsamum
declaratum in dissertatione medica

diss., resp. W. Le Moine (Uppsala
[1764]). Soulsby no. 2277.

Bernstorff promises to send Linnaeus information and material that he believes would interest him. He does this to show his great esteem for Linnaeus.


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