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Link: • John Ellis to Carl Linnaeus, 19 July 1765 n.s.
Dated July. 19. 1765. Sent from London (Great Britain) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.

London July 19. 1765.

It has been some concern to me that I have not answerd sooner the kindest Letter of 12 Feb[ruary] from my worthy and most respectable of Friends the Right Hon[our]ble Sir Charles a Linné.

I have been studying matter to fill my Letter, for meer business to Philosophers is of no account. You flatter me such, when you tell me, that you approve of my little dissertation of the Pennatulae. I am sorry those I sent by my Friend A[dam] Kuhn’s directions did not arrive.

I have sent to D[octo]r Schlosser of Amsterdam for Ginanni’s Opera posthuma. He has promisd to send the book[a][a] : MS 1 the book [added above the
to me, and when I receive it, I shall make such observations as you desire.

The Sarracenia that you mention, is sent over every year from N[orth] America, and both Species flower with us.

I rejoice that you have obtaind a true acc[oun]t of the Opobalsamum. I believe M[iste]r Lee has lately[a][a] : MS 1 the book [added above the
received some seeds from you of the Alstroemeria.

I hope your Thea will succeed & flower. None has yet come to England in my memory.

I shall write to a friend of mine, who has been at the Havanna, if there is such a bird as the Chavaria at Carthagena, as you describe, and whether there is a possibility of getting one to Europe.

I am now come to tell you I have got a letter from D[octo]r Garden, which I now inclose you, and shall send the Specimen of the very rare animal by the first opportunity, together with the Description not only of that but of several new plants which he has lately discover’d. I have not heard from West Florida since I have been Agent, I mean from people of Science. There has been a Ship lately lost, that was bringing over many curious things to me, but I still am in hopes of receiving full account of the natural History of that Country, from a particular friend that is now going as Lieutenant Gouvernour to that Province. I use every means to promote that happy and endearing part of human knowledge, Natural History. Nothing gives me more reall pleasure than when a New science opens in it, of which I was totally ignorant before. I have been engag’d all this Winter & Spring in business, but hope to get to the Sea Side, that I may give you a further acc[ount] of the kingdom of Neptune.

I have recommended to your correspondence Doctor David Skene, M[edicinae] D[octo]r of Aberdeen, in Scotland, as a very ingenious Natural Historian. He proposes to write to you very soon.

I am, Dear Sir,
Most truly your affect[ionate] Friend,
John Ellis

The Right Hon[oura]ble
Sir Charles von Linné
at Upsal
Post P[ai]d 2s/

Pray let the Address of your Letters be
To John Ellis, Esq[uire]
in Gray’s Inn, London.


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a. original holograph (LS, XVII, 116-117). [1] [2] [3]


1. A selection (1821), vol. 1, p. 167-168   p.167  p.168.


MS 1 the book [added above the line]
MS 1 has lately [added above the line]