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Link: • Nicolaas Laurens Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 5 October 1765 n.s.
Dated 5 octobris die Ao 1765. Sent from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in Latin.


Nikolaas Laurens BurmanBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
(1734-1793). Dutch. Professor of
botany. Linnaeusís pupil in Uppsala in
1760. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has not heard anything from Linnaeus or his son [Carl Linnaeus the YoungerLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
(1741-1783). Swedish. Botanist. Son of
Carl Linnaeus and Sara Elisabet Linnaea.
Brother of Elisabeth Christina, Louisa,
Sara Christina and Sophia Linnaea.
Attended his fatherís lectures, had
private tutors (Löfling, Rolander,
Solander and Falk, all Linnaeusís
students). Demonstrator of botany at
Uppsala. Succeeded his
] for months. He has not received an answer from the son to his letter dated February 23 [Burman to Linnaeus the Younger, 25 february 1765] where he wrote about printing the Decas [ Decas prima [et secunda] plantarum rariorum horti UpsaliensisLinnaeus the Younger, Carl
Decas prima [et secunda] plantarum
rariorum horti Upsaliensis sistens
descriptiones & figuras plantarum
minus cognitarum
] and the engraving of the illustrations.

After May Burman sent through Daniel BalguerieBalguerie, Daniel (1733-1788).
Swedish. Swedish agent in Amsterdam,
succeeded his father Pierre Balguerie.
some seeds, the Haga fascicle, his uncleís [Pieter BurmanBurman, Pieter (1713-1778).
Dutch. Jurist. Brother of Johannes
] speech [Burman refers to Oratio de maecenatibus doctis validissimo musarum praesidioBurman, Pieter Oratio de
maecenatibus doctis validissimo musarum
(Amsterdam, 1763).
] and almost all the plates of his Indian flora [Flora IndicaBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
Flora Indica: cui accedit series
zoophytorum Indicorum, nec non prodromus
florae Capensis
(Leiden &
Amsterdam, 1768).
] that Linnaeus has not yet seen. Burman had hoped to have Linnaeusís comments on them and he asks Linnaeus to send them before this winter.

The Burmans are waiting for the appendix of the second edition of his Species plantarumLinnaeus, Carl Species
(Stockholm 1762-1763).
Soulsby no. 500.
and other books that he has published.

Recently an ignorant Professor of Botany expressed a strange and new criticism in a weekly paper. Another person defended him, but all who know how much this science owes to Linnaeus criticised him.

The Burmans have received a live but fading Geranium spinosum from the Cape of Good Hope. If it germinates Burman will send it later.

P. S. Burman writes that he has received a letter from Johan Peter FalckFalck, Johan Peter (1732-1774).
Swedish. Professor of botany and
curator of the botanical garden of St
Petersburg. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
in Petersburg. Falck has been appointed to be a director of the botanical garden and asks for seeds for his new garden.


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