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Link: • Johannes Burman to Carl Linnaeus, 17 February 1766 n.s.
Dated . Sent from () to (). Written in Latin.


Johannes BurmanBurman, Johannes (1707-1779).
Dutch. Botanist, professor of medicine
in Amsterdam. Close friend of Linnaeus.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has suffered from a rheumatic illness but is now recovering. For a long time he has had in mind to send this letter to show how grateful he and his son [Nicolaas Laurens BurmanBurman, Nicolaas Laurens
(1734-1793). Dutch. Professor of
botany. Linnaeus’s pupil in Uppsala in
1760. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
] are for Linnaeus’s helpful and friendly letters.

With the help of Daniel BalguerieBalguerie, Daniel (1733-1788).
Swedish. Swedish agent in Amsterdam,
succeeded his father Pierre Balguerie.
Burman has sent his monkey, Cercopytheca, to Sweden. Clas AlströmerAlströmer, Clas
(1736-1794). Swedish. Baron,
industrialist. Sent plants and specimens
to Linnaeus from his travels abroad.
Bought Linnaeus’s “little herbarium”,
now in the Natural History Museum in
Stockholm. Son of Jonas Alströmer,
brother of August, Johan and Patrick
Alströmer. Correspondent of
made a description of it for Linnaeus before he left, and perhaps Linnaeus has received it [Alströmer to Linnaeus, 1 December 1764Letter L3505]. Burman has not heard anything from him and does not know where he lives. He had promised to send a letter when he arrived home. Peter Simon PallasPallas, Peter Simon
(1741-1811). German. Naturalist and
explorer. Pallas studied at the
universities of Göttingen and
Leiden. In 1768 he was called to Russia
to take part in an expedition to
Siberia, the aim of which was to study
the passage of Venus. Pallas remained in
Russia for the greater part of his life.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, living in the Hague, will soon publish a work on marine plants [Burman refers to the Elenchus zoophytorumPallas, Peter Simon Elenchus
zoophytorum sistens generum
adumbrationes [... ] et specierum [...]
descriptiones cum selectis auctorum
(The Hague, 1766).
]. He visited Burman recently and examined his quite large collection and received some specimens for his work.

Job BasterBaster, Job (1711-1775).
Dutch. Naturalist, doctor of medicine,
Leiden. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has completed the remaining parts of his work [Burman refers to the Opuscula subsecivaBaster, Job Opuscula
subseciva, observationes miscellaneas de
animalculis et plantis quibusdam
marinis, eorumque ovariis et seminibus
, 2 vol. (Haarlem,


a. (LS, II, 524).


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