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Link: • Peter Hernquist to Carl Linnaeus, 6 April 1766 n.s.
Dated 6: Avvril 1766. Sent from Lyon (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Until now Peter HernquistHernquist, Peter (1726-1808).
Swedish. Veterinarian. Studied at
Uppsala under Linnaeus, at Greifswald,
Lyon and Paris. He established Sweden’s
first school of veterinary medicine at
Skara. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has been uncertain about the time for his return to Sweden, which has made him put off writing this letter. He is sorry for the delay, because it is his constant ambition to assure Linnaeus of his humble respect and to do his utmost to deserve his protection.

Hernquist will soon leave Lyon and go to Paris, where he will try to get access to the Jardin du Roi [Jardin des plantes, ParisJardin des plantes, Paris,
French. The Jardin des plantes was
founded in 1597 to produce flower models
for the manufacturing of tapestry in
Paris. In 1626 it became a garden for
medical and pharmaceutical plants. In
1739 it was again transformed to le
Jardin du roi, where also a natural
history museum was built. Later in the
eigteenth century a zoological garden
and a library were added.
], the Royal Cabinet and the lectures of its professors. However, he does not know anybody there and will not be admitted anywhere without a letter of recommendation. This is all the more necessary as Hernquist has not even brought his certificate from the Faculty of Medicine at the Uppsala University to prove his status. If Linnaeus would honour him with a letter of recommendation, he would be received favourably everywhere, as Linnaeus’s name is enough to open any door.

In a previous letter [Hernquist to Linnaeus, 13 August 1764Letter L3438] Hernquist has mentioned Joseph André Ignace SoubrySoubry, Joseph André Ignace
(1705-1774). French. Amateur
entomologist, treasurer of France.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
, Treasurer of France, as very resourceful and interested in natural history. He has a very fine collection worthy of his scientific ambitions and, inspite of his professional duties, he never neglects his studies. Soubry is familiar with Linnaeus’s works and in favour of his method, which he finds superior to all others and has applied to the arrangement of his own collections. It is like a paradise on earth. Soubry’s’ complaisance towards Hernquist and Carl Edvard TaubeTaube, Carl Edvard (1746-1785).
Swedish. Baronet. Accompanied as a
young student Peter Hernquist abroad,
after his return to Sweden he enrolled
the army, and from 1780 chaplain to the
King and bishop in 1785.
has also created in him a more intimate relation with Linnaeus. He has sent a parcel with numerous insects and a letter to him to be shipped from Cette [Soubry to Linnaeus, 6 April 1766Letter L3745]. Hernquist is very pleased to have procured this contact and hopes it will lead to mutual satisfaction.

Some months earlier Hernquist was in Vienne en Dauphine, a little town about 25 km from Lyon. Here there are old mines, now very neglected. Hernquist entered one of them and down there, in the middle of the mountain, he found a kind of agaricus growing on the wooden pit props. Instead of lamellae underneath they had lamellae on the tops and had the shape of a funnel. Hernquist will return there and collect specimens of it for Linnaeus.


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