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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Johannes Beckman, 30 May 1766 n.s.
Dated 30 Maji. 1766. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to (). Written in Latin.

C[arolus] L[innaeus]

D[omi]n[u]s Joh[annes]Beckman Hannoveranus, qui nos praecedenti anno adiit, fuit, a primo suo adventu in hunc usque diem, meus inseparabilis socius. Mecum Species Plantarum in Systemate Naturae propositas, secundum earum Genera, ex Herbariis nostris attente examinavit, Plantasque nostras exoticas et indigenas legit; Amphibia, Lithophyta, Zoophyta, Testacea variaque alia Animalia sibi praelegi audivit; quae obscuriora ipsi visa aut in Systemate Naturae aut in Philosophia Botanica rite explicata excepit; verbo die nocteque indefesso studio scientias nostras coluit. Praeterea integritate vitae morumque suavitate sese omnibus maxime amabilem reddidit. Proin nequeo non hunc D[ominu]m Beckman, a nobis discessurum, magnopere commendare omnibus, qui solidiores literas, Naturae scientiam et virtutem amant et colunt.

Dabam Upsaliae d[ie] 30 Maji 1766.

Car[olus] von Linné Equ[es]
Archiat[er] & Prof[essor] Bot[anices] Upsal[iensis]
Acad[emiae] Reg[iae] Paris[inae] Soc[ius].  


Linnaeus testifies that Johannes BeckmanBeckman, Johannes (1739-1811).
German. Professor of economy,
Göttingen. After a two-year stay in
St Petersburg, he travelled in Sweden
and Denmark in 1765-1766. Correspondent
of Linnaeus.
had come to him the year before and been a very diligent and industrious pupil since then. He has studied specimens of plants in Linnaeusís herbarium and listened to lectures on many kinds of animals. When something was not clear to him, he had asked, and been very receptive to the clarifications given. Socially, he had been pleasant, correct and friendly. Linnaeus recommends Beckman to everybody who loves and works in natural history, now that he is about to leave Uppsala.


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