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Link: • Peter Hernquist to Carl Linnaeus, 12 June 1766 n.s.
Dated d 12. Juin 1766. Sent from Paris (France) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in French.


Peter HernquistHernquist, Peter (1726-1808).
Swedish. Veterinarian. Studied at
Uppsala under Linnaeus, at Greifswald,
Lyon and Paris. He established Sweden’s
first school of veterinary medicine at
Skara. Correspondent of Linnaeus.
is eager to tell Linnaeus that he has met Claude RichardRichard, Claude (1705-1784).
French. Botanist. The king’s gardener at
the Trianon. Father of Antoine Richard.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
the King’s [Louis XVLouis XV, (1710-1774).
French. Reigned 1715-1774.
] gardener, at the Trianon near Versailles. Richard was very pleased to see Hernquist, a disciple of the renowned Linnaeus. Hernquist was introduced to Richard by the Duchesnes, father [Antoine DuchesneDuchesne, Antoine French.
Castle warden at the French Royal court.
Father of Antoine Nicolas Duchesne.
] and son [Antoine Nicolas DuchesneDuchesne, Antoine Nicolas
(1747-1827). French. Naturalist and
horticulturist, Versailles.
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
], the latter famous for his study of strawberries [Histoire nouvelle des fraisiersDuchesne, Antoine Nicolas
Histoire nouvelle des fraisiers
(Paris, 1766).
]. He had the privilege of walking in the garden of the Trianon with these gentlemen, who showed him all its marvellous plants. To create such a wonderful garden takes a first-class gardiner.

During their conversation Hernquist noticed how happy Richard was to meet a person favoured by Linnaeus and fortunate enough to be his student. Richard would be honoured, if Linnaeus wished to have something from his garden.

Hernquist was invited to visit this garden as often as he wished, an offer he will certainly take advantage of. If Linnaeus makes a list of plants he would like to have, Hernquist and Richard will see to it that they will be delivered in the same way as this letter with its enclosed seeds. It will be an honour to carry out such commissions that will also keep up their correspondence and give him good opportunities to renew his respects.

PS 1. Hernquist lives with Gustaf Filip CreutzCreutz, Gustaf Filip
(1729-1785). Swedish. Count, ambassador
in Madrid and Paris. Chancellor of
Uppsala University. Correspondent of
, at the Swedish embassy.

PS 2. Antoine Nicolas Duchesne sends his respects. He would be grateful for seeds of Swedish strawberries in order to complete his observations.


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