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Link: • Domenico Vandelli to Carl Linnaeus, 26 August 1766 n.s.
Dated . Sent from Lisboa (Portugal) to (). Written in Latin.


Domenico VandelliVandelli, Domenico (1735-1816).
Italian. Physician and botanist. Left
for Portugal in 1764, where he was a
professor at the university of Coimbra.
He was the founder of Ajuda botanical
garden in Lisboa and of the Coimbra
botanical garden, where he was also the
first director (1773-1791).
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
has received a letter from Linnaeus [Linnaeus to Vandelli 11 May 1766Letter L3755] with names of plants. He expresses his thanks and especially for the new species, where he found his name given with the descriptions. Vandelli requests that Linnaeus should arrange that the drawings of those plants should be engraved in Uppsala. Prints should be sent by mail to Vandelli, who is willing to pay for them. Vandelli himself has lost his specimens of those species, since a negligent servant caused the loss of several bundles of his herbarium during a move to another house.

Vandelli reports that he has at last become Professor of Natural History, the first ever in Portugal. So his future is safe, he can have frequent contacts with Linnaeus in the future, and he will do what Linnaeus asks him to do.


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