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Link: • Alexander Garden to Carl Linnaeus, 4 August 1766 n.s.
Dated 4th August 1766. Sent from Charlestown (USA) to Uppsala (Sweden). Written in English.


Alexander GardenGarden, Alexander (1730-1791).
British/American. Doctor of medicine,
South Carolina. Correspondent of
thanks Linnaeus for two letters that have arrived since the last time he wrote to Linnaeus. These are dated 15 August 1765Letter L3626 and 27 December 1765Letter L3682. But the letter dated 19 May 1765 was lost [this letter has not come down to us], so Garden asks Linnaeus to repeat the general contents since he needs feedback from Linnaeus.

The strange, two-legged animal, which interested Linnaeus, is very common in South Carolina. It lives in fresh water or in marshes, and it is from four inches to three and a half feet long. It can not be a larva. Garden has tried to dissect one, and he thinks that he saw the male sperm. Garden has preserved one whole in spirit, and he sends that to Linnaeus. Of another, a large one, he sends the skin, the skull and some neck vertebrae. Garden also reports that one of them had broken into four pieces when it was struck against the ground, just as some lizards do.

Garden answers Linnaeusís questions and comments on the seven new plant species sent and encloses dried specimens. He also encloses two more plant specimens and a number of insects. He hopes they will arrive safely.


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