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Link: • Carl Linnaeus to Nils Adam Bielke, 10 April 1767 n.s.
Dated 1767 d. 10 April.. Sent from Uppsala (Sweden) to Nyköping (Sweden). Written in Swedish.


This letter is an answer to an inquiry and also suggestions from Nils Adam BielkeBielke, Nils Adam (1724-1792).
Swedish. Count. Chamberlain, marshal of
the court, governor of the province of
Nyköping, president of the Swedish
Board of Mines [Bergskollegium].
Correspondent of Linnaeus.
[this letter has not come down to us], about how to introduce new ideas and techniques to increase farmland production, and make farming and forestry more effective.

Linnaeus thinks it will be hard to learn paesants which plants are eatable. To plant potatoes in good soil is easy but to get peasants, even the swines, to eat them is harder.

Linnaeus makes some very general remarks, such as the importance to protect what is newly sown and planted with effective fences.

His general advice, to introduce new ideas to enhance farming, is to start with someone of importance and influence in society, e.g. the Parson. He would then act as a good example, which the peasantry would be very anxious to follow.

He also gives recommendations about planting deciduous trees, ashtree, elmtree, linden and maple tree, and fruit trees as well as conifers. He also suggests what new kinds of apple trees should be grafted on wild trees in order to survive the Swedish winters.


a. original holograph (RA, Bjelkeska samlingen).


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